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The Disadvantages of Having Dental Braces

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Essay Preview: The Disadvantages of Having Dental Braces

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The disadvantages of having dental braces

* Orthodontist all around the world offer dental braces to people for several different reasons.

* Individuals may have an over/under bite, crooked teeth, and or excessive crowding.

* Just when the dental braces sounds like the perfect invention, they are not.

Thesis: Because individuals are not able to eat anything hard, monthly checkups, and food gets stuck in between ones brackets.

Part I

* People with dental braces are not able to eat anything that is hard, crunchy, or sticky.

* Anything hard or crunchy, individuals have to be careful not to let it stab the gums.

* Stabbed gums cause intense inflammation which can lead to a bad infection.

* People with braces also can't chew anything sticky.

* Sticky foods increase individual's chances of popped wires and possible cavities.

* Individuals do not necessarily have to cut out these types of foods if he/she does not want to.

* Not to eat certain things are direct suggestions from an individual's personal orthodontist.

Part II

* Another disadvantage to individuals with dental braces are the once a month orthodontist appointments.

* Orthodontist appointments track an individual's progress.

* Such as what needs to be adjusted or tightened, how fast the teeth are moving, and what needs to be done for the first time.

* On average an individual's orthodontist appointment may last 45 minutes to an hour.

* Pain and discomfort is followed.

* Taking pain killers such as Tylenol, aspirin, and Excedrin are recommended to people with braces before and after the appointment.

Part III

* The third disadvantage to people with dental braces is getting food stuck in between the brackets. Having braces makes it really easy to get food stuck in an individual's equipment.

* People with dental braces should stay away from items like red meat unless the meat is cut up into small pieces.

* Red meat can get tangled up in the springs and sour.

* Once food is stuck in an individual's dental braces it is very important to floss. If he/she does not floss bad breath will occur.




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