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The Importance of Formal Business Education

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Essay Preview: The Importance of Formal Business Education

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Actually, the relations between taste of mother's food with taste of food made by professional chef are same with the relations between formally educated businessman with 'informally' educated businessman. How can we say that? Both mother's food and professional chef' food are tasty, but they have different characteristics. Like the analogy stated above, in business field if we compare between formally educated businessmen with 'informally' educated businessmen, sometimes we find out that they could obtain same success. Therefore, why is the professional chef needed when the taste of mother's food is tasty? Why do we need to study business formally in university while without having that we also can be successful in business? In order to understand about this issue, besides explaining the skepticisms about the importance of education background in business, this essay will focus on some reasons why we pursue a formal education in undergoing a business.

As argued by Kiyosaki (2003, p.5), the amount of smart people who are very smart comes from different background in business world, even it could be from zero education background, moreover, the first thing that we have to realize that the more increasing of total businessmen who can be successful without education background, the more skepticism about the importance of formal education in business. Sometimes, undergoing a business is all about whether you have sense of business or not, you can learn business from your experience or other people experience. Besides, that kind of sense doesn't come automatically with formal business education. The skepticism about importance of formal business education that recently appears is some people regard business education only as the theory in which we may be not using it, in addition, that skepticisms are supported by Michael Dell's achievement building Dell Inc. as the top PC maker in the world. Michael Dell was dropped out from his university when he was just 19 and only used $1,000 and hard work. He even did not need bachelor degree to build such big company (successdegrees.com, Accessed date: 2011).

On the other hand, there are numerous business fields and business condition that at least need formal education to be established well. For instance, you will never be a business accountant, business analyst with zero education background; at least you need some courses from business school or college. In addition to needs of business education, today's business condition is enlivened with globalization era that results in high competitiveness between business actors. As explained by Do My Hien (2010), in order to not to be lost much in this globalization era, the strong of competitiveness is highly required. In that kind of condition, formally-educated person with the skills will survive more rather than only skilled-person. Again in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad (2003, p.13), Robert



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