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The Keyboard Company Case Study

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Essay Preview: The Keyboard Company Case Study

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Programme Managing: Organisational Performance and Innovative Improvement

Group Assignment No: 01

Case Study: The Keyboard Company

Group Name:         Sandton-Buccleuch

Student:        Joel Chigada                        7105215886086

Simbisai Charandura                 29-193417Z23

Lennon Mupfukudzwa         AN541872

Kuda Shoniwa                 BN384156

Walter Chaweta                29-183485D13

Andries van Ross                 6605255091084

DATE: 2008-08-12


EXecutive summary        1

1        Introduction        2

2        Background of company        3

3        problem statement: Problems and the underlying CAUSES        3

3.1        Insufficient Experience of Od team Members        3

3.2        No leadership support and strategy        3

3.3        No acceptance of the OD team        3

3.4        Preferential treatment of OD team members by Zoltan        4

3.5        There is division of thoughts within the OD team        4

3.6        No communication links        4

3.7        Leadership style is not participative        4

3.8        No objectives and goals for the OD team        4

3.9        There is no budget        4

3.10        It is not clear to the OD team as to who the customer is i.e. Zoltan or the organisation        4

3.11        There are no clear roles and responsibilities in the OD team        5

3.12        Composition of the OD group is not cross functional        5

3.13        The independence of the OD team is compromised by placing it under Human Resources        5

4        Solutions and implementation        7

4.1        Approach        7

4.2        Addressing failure to take this as a project        7

4.3        Lack of resource planning and over-reliance on a Single Resource        9

4.4        Lack of Project Processes and Procedures        9

5        conclusions        9

6        BIBLIOGRAPHY        10

EXecutive summary


The discussions in the document are structured in the following manner:

  • Background of Company
  • Problem Statement: Problems and the Underlying Causes
  • Recommended solutions and implementation
  • Conclusion

  1. Background of company

The Keyboard Company is a medium sized manufacturing firm that supplies computer keyboards to many national computer manufacturers in the United States of America. The Company has experienced rapid growth under John Zoltan, tits president and is now moving into advanced electronics. The Keyboard Company would like to achieve organisational excellence through organisational re-engineering. In an attempt to achieve this objective, four young MBA Graduates have been appointed to work on the OD project that would result major transformation in the Company.

  1. problem statement: Problems and the underlying CAUSES
  1. Insufficient Experience of Od team Members

The OD team is made up of young inexperienced members. Most of them have an MBA but not enough experience to successfully drive the project. In the Keyboard Company Case Study, the OD team started off by knowing the members of the organization and then taking managers for training.  

The OD team made no attempt at identifying the requirements of the company in so far as the state of the company, work culture, employees was done before they started on the management training programme. It is also worthwhile that when doing transformation project sufficient information about employee strengths and weaknesses be available from the Human Resources Department.

The job of the OD team is to do an analysis of the organization and then develop redesign recommendations regarding each of the elements of the transformation model. Organization analysis is a period of intense data gathering and discussion to discover who the organization is connected to, how its core business process (es) work (or don't work) and how people coordinate efforts to get work done. The design team leads the data gathering, holding one-on-one or small group interviews with different levels of employees, customers and other key stakeholders. http://www.centerod.com/



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