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The Perceived Benefits of online Shopping in Relation to Traditional Store Shopping

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Essay Preview: The Perceived Benefits of online Shopping in Relation to Traditional Store Shopping

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Perceived Benefits

The perceived benefits of online shopping in relation to traditional store shopping are

believed to be one of the main encouraging factors in the adoption of this emerging shopping channel by consumers. Alreck and Settle (2002) found that internet shopping was viewed as saving more time than traditional ways of shopping and hence it is considered as attractive. According to Shwu-Ing (2003), consumers’ benefits perception comprised convenience, selections freedom, information abundance, homepage design and company name familiarity which have a significant relationship with attitude toward online shopping. The main motivation to shop online is that it is more convenient than to shop attraditional physical store (Delafrooz et al, 2009). In addition, Hasan and Rahim (2004) also found that convenience variable is significantly related to the purchasing behavior through cyber ads. Besides that, the main opportunity of online shopping is that consumers can buy things whenever they want (7 days per week, 24 h per day) and wherever they are (McKinney, 2004; Kim and Kim, 2004). In fact, consumers can also enjoy window shopping on the internet without enduring/feeling the pressure to purchase, unlike the traditional shopping environment (Khatibi et al., 2006).

Items of Perceived Benefits





I think online shopping more save time than shopping at retail shop.

Alreck and Settle (2002)


Consumers can do shopping at anytime and anywhere by accessing internet.

McKinney, 2004; Kim and Kim, 2004


Online shopping allow me to do a comfortable window shopping.

Khatibi et al., 2006


Shopping online is more convenient than to shopping in traditional physical store.

Delafrooz et al, 2009






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