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The Pomegranate Seeds

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Essay Preview: The Pomegranate Seeds

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EXPO- Proserpina in the forest, and her encounter with the flowers. Pluto grabbing her and fleeing with her. The journey away from her home and into the Underworld. 
RISING ACTION- Proserpina arriving in the underworld at the gates. Meeting Cerberus, and Pluto which was boasting about his palace, showing her beyond the great pillars which lie between the living and the dead. 
CLIMAX- Pluto which was being absolutely vile towards Proserpina. One nightmare of a night he tries to touch her, she maims him, and leaving him sputtering on his own blood. She flees the palace, while being followed by the guard’s being followed by guards Alice in Wonderland style. Proserpina comes across the chariot in which she arrived in and takes off, flying past Cerberus, and leaving the horrid place behind her.
FALLING ACTION- Proserpina emerging from the twilight to see the state that the Earth is in; the flowers, trees, & grass, was all dead, withered away. Proserpina can see her breath and she worries for her mother-and how long she had been thinking how long had she been gone?
RESOLUTION- Ceres hearing Proserpina's crying, her flame finally flickering. It was a beautiful reunion. The crops, trees, plants, and grass all bloomed before their eyes, the sun shines and shines again; 100% cliché.
Proserpina by the shore, playing with the sea nymphs. The nymphs gives Proserpina a necklace made from beautiful shells from the reef below; in return Proserpina wants to give the nymphs crowns made of flowers from the beautiful  forest. 
Describe her trip from the shore all the way to the forest, feeling the difference between the sand and grass on her bare toes, the scent of salt being washed away with scented pine. The smell of leaves and dirt is interrupted by something kind of sweet, something that makes a smile instantly grow on her face. She follows the scent to a clearing in the woods, a perfect circle, at the center is a bushel of the most beautiful flowers she has ever seen in her life. 
Overwhelmed with an intense, indescribable emotion, Proserpina walks towards the flowers that had not been there just moments ago. With each step she takes towards them they grow more beautiful, blooming wider, & becoming bigger.



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