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The Puritan Dilemma the Story of John Winthrop

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Essay Preview: The Puritan Dilemma the Story of John Winthrop

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Religious Impact

When people came to America they came to find religious freedom, they wanted to get away from the concept of the Church of England. Many religious groups such as the Quakers and Puritans formed the first 13 colonies on the basis of their religious beliefs. Religious diversity had become a dominant part of colonial life. The colonies were huge on diverse communities and, because of the diversities, the population of America increased quickly. People from all over the world wanted the freedom that was found in America and they began to move their homelands to America.

Eventually, the issue of church and state became a topic of debate. The separation of church and state was completed by the Constitution. There were a lot of groups of people who disagreed with the separation. Some even thought that it would have no effect on the growth of religion in the United States. One of the biggest religious issues was between the puritans and other religions. The puritans came to the Americas for freedom but the irony that went along with it was the fact that their rules were stricter than other religions.

In a couple colonies the religious freedom was a lot more open, especially in bigger places such a Pennsylvania. The rules were much less harsh, simply because there were too many people to keep track of, so there were no strict rules. And if you were something other than puritan you most likely just kept it to yourself Land tried to be unseen. In places that were bigger so to speak there were not churches like the Church of England, which has a strict set or rules, and you didn't pay taxes to your church, and thing such as that. But there still were rules and there were still specific religions, but because of the openness of religions it allowed a lot of diversity and different religions and types of people, creating much diversity especially in the bigger colonies such as



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