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Tick Tock

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Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! The tower chattered away making me sink into its recurring sound. The hands of the time had caught my attention that made me stare-wide eye at it; making me wonder if I blinked the time would slow down, slower and slower, like it was doing at the moment. The old rusted giant dirty brown tower stood in front of me like the Empire State building, overlooking everything in the room. It was tall, tacky, flaky and dry wood made the whole structure look like it was over a century old.. Its long tongue hung there dangling in mid air. It almost looked as if it was dancing to my unfortunate luck that I was caught in. The face of the clock was lightly burned paper colour that looked like it was full of history, like it had seen many things because it was old as time itself. The hands of the tower were sharp, but creaked every time it moved a bit. It clutched each number very tightly like it didn't want it to let go.

Suddenly, a new sound was caught inside my head. Laughs were being exchanged, so were smiles. I turned my head slowly trying to avoid the situation. I faked a smile, so it still seemed I was paying attention to what they were saying, but honestly I had no clue. I looked around the room; the vintage beige wallpaper swam all around the room, as its bright, floral flowers popped out to greet me again. I groaned at seeing the same sight over and over again. The sofa was cold but soft as I anchored right in it. I sank in hoping this would help me hide. I sat there, impatiently twirling my fingers and playing with my loose button, waiting to go back home. I could smell the fresh batch of baked cookies that had, just came out of the oven a moment ago, it smelt like it had been baked until they were crisp that left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I do not like this place. I was screaming inside my head like as if an ambulance siren had been switched on. I stared into the photo frames that were full of young smiling faces. They were innocent, but I couldn't help, but wonder why would they would be happy to see me. They had seen me thousands of times before. The noise in the room had got louder, but the words was getting swollen up in my ears, but drained out before reaching my brain fully. The room had somehow gotten brighter. I looked up at the traditional old chandelier and saw them luster its simmering golden pearls of light. I winced at it. My eyes burned as if I hadn't ever seen light before. The room smelt dry, alonely and sad leaving me shivers up my spine, and that made me very nervous. The windows began to creak, wide open, and then smack right close sending the freshly picked flowers onto the dusty golden brown carpet.

I felt a hand reach out to me and touch me that made me feel like I'd been pulled back into life. I looked into her face asking her if it had been a dream, but the dust clogged up my mouth so I was unable to speak. My sister slowly shook her head and made truly,



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