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Time and Money

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Some people say that happiness is not found in money. I believe that a person who has an abundance of money ,and does not work can be very happy. Because of this, I must say that I disagree with the statement above. These people can relax whenever and wherever they want, can buy whatever they wish for their family. They also spend more time with their family and friends.

Money provides rich people with a comfortable and non-stress life. They can spend one week in the Caribbean beaches ,and then go to Paris afterward. This is the dream of many workers. While these rich people who do not need to work are spending their "unhappy" days with their families, the workers are having stressful moments working in order to provide their families with food and basic needs. Therefore, millionaires who frequent these places have a less stressed life. Less stress results in happiness.

Large amounts of money permit these people to buy anything that they want. Consequently, this will attend their needs. For example, a medium class worker cannot easily afford a new car, and he will have to struggle to purchase it. In contrast, rich people can buy cars and will not need to worry after this. These people do not need to worry about their bills. They can buy a house near beach and enjoy good days with their friends and families. As a result, they will become happier.

Time and money mean that people can spend a lot of happy moments with their family and friends. Sometimes, workers have to sacrifice their weekend working instead spending it with their family. My teacher always complains that she has no time. She has to stay late in order to mark students' essays. Rich people, on the other hand, have seven days in a week to enjoy and spend with family and friends. That means that they have good times together. Thus, they have time and money enough to have fun and have happy moments.

To conclude, I think that these rich people who do not work are very happy, although they may have unhappy moments also because they are human. I assure they are happy because they have money enough to go to expensive places, to buy expensive things, and time enough to pass good times with family and friends.



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