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To What Degree Did Your Emotions Play a Role in Those Decisions?

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Essay Preview: To What Degree Did Your Emotions Play a Role in Those Decisions?

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1) I decided to accept that my father had to come to this country when I was 11 years old.

When I was 11 years old my father has to travel to this country for the first time, we were never separate before, it was like a shock to me, we were always together,I cried and cried til not tears came from my eyes, it was a very hard, a sad stage of my life, the worst five years of my life. Even he travel back home several times per year to see us it was not the same for me. One day he call me, he told me that I have to stop behaving that way that because my emotions were all over the place I was getting sick, that day I decided myself that I have to change that I have to be strong and understand that there were reasons why all that happen and the good part of all was that in lest than six month my family and me were reunited with my father again in this country.

2) I decided to put a pause to my education.

I was continuing my education till December 1999, I was pregnant of my second daughter who was born in February 2000, I was expecting to go back to school by September 2000, when she was 4 moths I realized that something was not right, something was different with my daughter, I spoke with her pediatrician and she started doing different kind of test to her and referred her to other specialists including evaluations and therapists. After the process of seeing all these people I decided to cancel my new registration for school and continue my daughter's process of rehabilitation.

3) I decided to accept my medical condition.

Around 10 years ago I was diagnostic with a non popular chronic illness called Fibromyalgia, at the beginning is a sad and very painful condition, It was so painful that I needed help to walk because every part of my body hurts. After weeks and weeks with this condition and a lot of strong medicines I decided to stop taking medicines, the medicines were helping me with the pain but also they were keeping me mostly sleeping and I was always worry about my daughters, I couldn't even change my own daughter's diapers, my daughter's therapies were canceled for several weeks I had to stop that because life continue, with regular exercise, diet, and taking care of myself(avoid alcohol and stress) I have learn to control my pain and I have learned to accept my condition.

3) I decided to go back to school.

After a long vacation (no a day off) from school I decided to go back to school. As a responsible mother I am always worry for the well being of my daughters ( 17 and 12), but especially the younger one who is a lovely special child, when she was 2 years old she was diagnostic with Cerebral palsy, Global developmental delay and Seizures(a combo), Is been hard for these past 12 years but I have all the energy and the love for my daughter to continue but



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