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Truemove Mobile Phone Network Coverage Company and Internet Operator - Thailand

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Essay Preview: Truemove Mobile Phone Network Coverage Company and Internet Operator - Thailand

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Truemove is one of the leading mobile phone signal and mobile internet operator in Thailand. According to the trend of mobile internet usage that has been increasing rapidly, Truemove has foreseen this opportunity and would like to position the company itself as a leading of non-voice service provider. Moreover, Truemove is also looking for the strategy to increase mobile internet usage rate that provided by the company as well.

The target group of Truemove is people who ages between 12-30 years old; both user (Smart phone, Feature phone, Dongle) and non-user group. Thus, the purpose of this research is to analyze the characteristic, attitude, perception toward Truemove brand and behavior of target group in order to find the highest potential segment to facilitate Truemove to achieve its goal.

Our group use both Primary and Secondary research method. For Primary research, we use exploratory research (Focus group and In-depth interview) to gain more insight from both user and non-user and we used the result in designing and developping the questionnaire. Afterward, we use quota sampling method by divided 30 sets of questionnaire for each segment of user; Smart phone, feature phone, dongle and non-user. Additionally, convenience sampling method was used to distribute 350 questionnaires in different places by focusing on students and workers around Metropolitan area. After we collected the data, many analysis methods were used such as Frequency, Cross-Tabulation, Chi-Square and Correspondence map etc. to analyze and interpret the data that we gained from questionnaire collection.

According to the analysis, the research has shown us the areas that Truemove should focusing on which are perception towards the brand itself in terms of mobile signal, service, priviliege, and brand reputation. Moreover, the data gained will aid Truemove in developing the strategy to serve the existing customer by focusing on the best interest target group of each Mobile Internet device and acquire the new one.

As a result, by implementing all recommendation, Truemove can improve customer perception towards services that provided by Truemove which also relates to the brand perception. Moreover, by continuously understanding the needs of customer that change all the time and developing the proper campaign that specific for each group of customer, we believe that Truemove will be able to increase the Mobile Internet usage rate and also increase the customer satisfaction towards the brand in the long run.



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