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Ultra Sounds

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This is a picture of an ultrasound. This looks to be a healthy baby on the inside of his or her mother. An ultrasound uses sound waves to help get a better look of the image on what is going externally inside one's body. Ultrasounds stared off being used to discover the aliments within the body and to locate exactly where to find them. However nowadays, the ultrasound has many other uses. One major use of the ultrasound today is the wonderful enjoyment that a mother can see her baby before he/she is born. With technology the way that it is today, ultrasounds have upgraded by 100 percent. Three dimensional ultrasounds are also now available. It was not until the 1950's the diagnosis in the medical field, particularly, the obstetrics and gynecology, did the ultrasound become a big hit. It wasn't until the mid-1960's that the doctors study of pregnancy became the truth in becoming possible to help the doctors provide safe diagnosis and prevention to help the mothers along with the health of the child.

There are several types of ultrasounds usually used within the obstetrics department. There is a Doppler ultrasound that provides the audio on the condition of a fetus. There is an imaging ultrasound, called a sonography. A Sonography includes all ultrasounds including b-scan, which creates a two-dimensional cross view that helps sound waves emit to probe to examine structures. On ultrasound the other hand there is a 2D fetal ultrasound that is the traditional ultrasound image that most doctors use for the viewing of the fetus. These images are made of 100 images per second that are visible, and have a flat looking image. The 3D ultrasound is becoming on the most common ultrasound today. These images are more expensive than the 2D images but are the best images in the hospitals today. All hospitals however do not have the luxury of having this type of ultrasound. Lastly 4D ultrasounds, have the ability to show images in real time.



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