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Underfround Railroad

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The Underground Railroad, was a secret pathway that led numerous African Americans to escape from slavery. Began in the 19th century the exact date is still unidentified. The UGRR was a network of over 3,000 homes and other stations that helped escaping slaves travel from the southern salve holding states to freedom in the northern states and Canada.Most would consider the Underground Railroad as one of the first steps forward of the anti-slavery movement. This movement is a great accomplishment of the past that will never be forgotten, although the railroad was not under the ground or on an actual railroad it helped over 30,000 people get away and have hope to live better lives after slavery.

Those who had participated on the siege for the underground rail road had all experienced abuse mentally emotionally, loss of freedom, hunger, illnesses and every thing else that would make you less human. When the idea of escaping on an underground railroad was brought about everyone knew it would include risking their lives on this attempt to attain freedom. Every thing from this day on out would solely rely on instincts. Not any one person conducted the Underground railroad but their were several individuals involved. A few on the most known would be Henry "Box" Brown, who was known traveling 27 hours trapped in a two feet eight inch, two feet deep, and three feet long Henry was five feet ten inches and more than 200 pounds but eventually when the box arrived at the anti-slavery office it was opened and he was set free. Margaret Garner was another known name she was known for making an escape attempt across the frozen Ohio river wit her four children and went to a close home of a black man. They were seen and the home was surrounded while they fought Margaret, cut the throat of her oldest daughter and while attempting to do the same to her other children she was stopped and all were arrested and sent to jail. Levi Coffin was the president of the Underground Railroad and has claimed to help an average of 100 people from his home town of Cincinnati every year for thirty three years. Possibly the most infamous Harriet Tubman who was a great hero guiding 50-70 people to freedom which is a huge success. Tubman was never captured and went on to become a spy, scout, and a nurse for the Union Army. On these dangerous endeavors it would include the slaves to use the correct timing to get the word out and for the operation to run smoothly as possible.

In order to get the mission going they had to plan ahead of time. Journeys could only begin under such conditions escaping on weekends, holidays, during harvest season, travel at night, and rest during the day. While on the voyages All slaves must avoid traveling while a full moon is present. Zig zag as they travel to confuse the slave catchers, use back ways, waterways, mountain, swamps, and forest fields. Follow birds migrating North in Spring, listen for spirituals with coded messages



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