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United States of America - Multicultural Society

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The United States of America is a multicultural society. This is a great advantage for the country. But this multicultural society has some flaws that make it not that great by segregating people. The people to blame are our closed minded society that still promotes everybody's cultural beliefs because it is the law and not because it is the right thing to do. In other words, today's society is still as racist as it used to be, but in a more discreet way, and this is affecting our kind and the future generations to come. "American culture belongs to all of us, and we remake it in every generation." (Ravitch 270) I believe that if we don't make some changes and try to understand one another better or be more honest with each other; these issues will drive us apart.

Sometimes we don't want our children to forget their origins, or where their ancestors came from. It is not a bad thing to teach our children because we want them to be able to accept other people's differences. Overcoming passivity about systemic racism may require a life-changing experience, but once aware, white activists can form strong multiracial relationships that lead to social change. (American Prospect, 2011) We can't help nor change what our ancestors did in the past, but we can change how we teach our children. Teach them that we want them to be part of a color-blind society and respect others' religions or beliefs, and above all they get to learn about other cultures. The bad aspect is that some of us are not doing our part, or not setting a good example for our children. That's when we see the development of prejudiced groups that threaten our society with their ignorance and their narrow mindsets that make them believe that there is such thing as a superior race.

Many of these groups, such as the K.K.K, Skin Heads, Black Panthers and others, are so closed minded that their only contributions to our society are hate and criminal acts. This is seen mostly in the southern states and the reason why this is happening is, I believe, because of the way that their children are being raised. Eve Conant states, "The kids draw pictures of white-hooded Klan people and sing songs about the oppressed Aryan race."(Newsweek, 2009) Is this really how we should be raising our children? No, because this just continues passing down bad examples for our future generations.

Segregation has been generally outlawed, but may exist through social norms, even when there is no strong individual preference for it. It is maintained by people discriminating in job hiring and the rental or sale of housing to certain races, gender and sexual preference individuals. As Ishmael Reed said, "Where did such an attitude, which has caused so much misery and depression in our national life, which has tainted even our noblest achievements, begin" (258). Although the possibility of multicultural harmony in the global



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