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Ups and Downs of Shoes

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Essay Preview: Ups and Downs of Shoes

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Ups and Downs of Shoes

I'm sure everyone is aware of the many different types, and stylish designs there are of shoes to choose from these days. It's kind of hard not to notice, maybe Because they are one of the fastest selling retail items on the market today, or you may just be familiar with lots of different shoes because of commercials and billboards, with athletes and famous actors advertising them. It's hard to miss them. from the colorful one's, to the high-tops, mid-tops, running, walking, and the shoes that are made with rare or a special type of material, like crock skin

With all these good things about shoes that catches our eye as soon as we see them, and makes us think to ourselves, man I gotta have those, there's a number of bad things that doesn't meet the eye right off. Shoes can be the best purchase to go with an outfit, and at the same time be the worst purchase for the health of your feet. Shoes can be very harmful to our feet in various ways. Many of these harmful affects shoes can have on your feet, you would not know about unless you were an orthopedic surgeon. foot injury and pain seems to be a common thing with people from all ages, and the reasons for many of these go unnoticed and unattended for too long. In this paper i plan to explain, and point out some of the ways you can prevent these painful, and stressful problems from starting, and to inform people on the serious causes that happen when things like this go without the proper attention.

Why do we wear shoes? We wear shoes because they provide or feet with comfort.

Shoes protect our feet from outside things that would be a danger to bear feet, like bacteria and

sharp objects. As an inspiring athlete i am very familiar

with the walking and running down of shoes, of many types.

Over periods of time going on wearing the same shoes after too much wear and tear can cause

major health issues concerning your feet.

bad posture can develop from irregular standing and balance, also deformed foot growth.

These problems are more important in children.

They are steady growing and some at a very fast pace.

You cannot count on a highly active child to notice every time there may be something wrong

with the shoes they have on.

According to a survey taken "Many common foot alignments are related to choices of shoes

especially in women.

Of the 365 women involved in a survey by the American orthopedic Foot and Ankle

Association (AOFAS) 80% had some kind of foot pain.

" (Anne Martinez2011). http://health.cvs.com.

To me it's not difficult to understand why women often have foot pain, I think any woman will tell you that walking in heels is a skill you have to master in order to wear them, and besides that, women like to squeeze their feet into really small shoes.

Neither one of these things really make it easy on the feet, and standing for a long time or being in those type of shoes all day can be very painful.

" The average person walks more than 115,000 miles in a lifetime, every walking step you take you exert pressure up to three times your body weight

onto your feet."(Anne Martinez2011). http://health.cvs.com. Many People may not know that, Running exerts up to ten times your body weight, Its

very important to balance your weight in the right directions when your walking or running .When it comes to feet, there are three main foot types.

Medium, low, and high arch's.

For starters there is a simple and easy way to find out for yourself what type of feet you have.

You can find this out by simply taking a brow paper bag, and a small flat pan, that's big enough for your foot to fit in.

Fill the pan with a small amount of water, wet the bottom of your foot, and then place it on the paper bag to make a imprint of your foot. If you see

only a half of the arch of your foot, then this means you have the most common foot type, the name for this is called normal pronator.

Being a normal pronator is a good thing, normal pronators can wear almost any shoe, but its best to fit one that provides arch support.

The next foot type, which is called over-pronator, this is all people that have flat feet or a low arch. If you do the bag test i mentioned and you see the whole imprint of you foot and little to no arch in your print, than you have flat feet, and more likely are a over-pronator.

Over pronator means that after your foot hits the ground, your arch collapses inward to much, which makes excessive foot motion and increasing your risk of injuries.

The third types, which are people with high arch feet, and the least common foot type to have, this one is called under-pronator. This one to is not good to have, if you notice your feet as being a over or under-pronator you should check for shoes that are made specifically for these foot types.

Being a under-pronator can result in too much shock traveling up your legs. If you are unaware of what foot type you are, its important that you find out, because you could have been putting your feet through more damage in the past couple years than you think.

There are so many different shoes to choose from, this can misguide you from making the right

selection while in the shoe store. Shoes are can be made for

many different purposes, a lot are just for looks and fashion. Just about all shoe companies

advertise their new shoes as being the best one to hit the stores,

and a must have. Advertisers sometimes use athletes and famous actors to attract you to

buying that shoe. This can be an illusion to the type shoe you

really need, and the one best for the health of your feet. Often people shop for shoes

without the thought of, what affect will these shoes have



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