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Us Occupation in Iraq

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"One to destroy is murder by the law; to murder thousands takes a specious name and gives immortal fame." (Foster, Viven 383)

The callous subjection of power over Iraq by United States government is beyond any example found in the world history. It all started on March 20, 2003 when the multinational force led and composed by the United States troops invaded Iraq.

We were presented with diverse reasons for the inhuman invasion of Iraq by foreign military troops. The first reason which started the invasion was Iraq's supposed possession of weapons of mass destruction which was proven wrong by the United Nations weapon inspectors. Then, Saddam Hussein was accused for aiding the Al-Qaeda group which was responsible for the 9/11 incident in America, but again Iraq was found not guilty but the attacks continued. After this US apparently found another reason to exterminate several generations of Iraq by accusing it for financially supporting the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

At this point George W. Bush decided to play the role of human right worker and oust Saddam Hussein and his government on the basis of human rights abuse, in an effort to bring democracy to the war torn country. Some of the officials are in favor of this idea that US invasion in Iraq was for the oil, as it claims to have world's fourth largest reserves of oil.

Coalition troops pulled out from Iraq due to the reaction of their people against the death toll and destruction of Iraq and Iraqi forces began to take responsibility of their people. However, the damage was already done, Iraqi people were brutally tortured, women and even men were raped, humiliated and their children were deprived of their dreams and innocence. "Iraq is the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world," according to Refugee International: nearly two million Iraqis have fled the country, while at least another 500,000 are internally displaced.



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