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Video Games Violence

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Anthony Sager Ela

Video games seem to be the main thing to blame for recent mass shootings and other gang/gun violence but i think that the blame should be shifted towards ignorant parents/parenting for the mass shootings.

Reason number one and the biggest reason there is is that there is a big black label on the front of every video game that states if the game is Ec for early childhood, E for everyone, E10+ with is everyone ten and up, T for teenagers, M for mature 17+, and finally A for adult ( which only 17 games in existence that have ever hit the shelves of commercial retailers have ever existed) ( mainly includes games that have graphic sexual activities in them). You wouldn't believe this but humanity has already gone over this problem in video games (GASP), Yes yes i know its a shocker but on july 29th 1994 congress said that there had to be some sort of a rating system for video games to ensure that children cannot play the latest adult themed game Grand Theft Auto 2. Thus on september 16th 1994 the ESRB was born. Creating all of the ratings you see above. So parents cant seem to grasp the concept of looking at the big and bold placed M for mature on GTA 5 before buy it for there 11 year old child at their local gamestop and come home after a long day of work to be surprised and in shock on what kind of game their 11 year old is playing.

Which brings me to my second reasoning, Parents that aren't really involved in their kids lives, this could bring up two things in your head a child that is never seeing their parents or a child that rarely sees their parents. The point im going for is that there are a lot of homes in the world that aren't really involved in their children's lives, This could include a teenager that just stays in there room all day, does not have a job, friends, or any responsibilities. And yet the media still blames the horrible and bad video games that are out there when a teenager just sits in his room all day and plays games with gang and gun violence doesn't see his parents for weeks on end and eventually his curiosity will spike and want to see how all of this stuff is in real life. Anybody with a shred of common sense would think no thats crazy im not gonna go out and try to join a gang or shoot up a school. But if you left an adolescent alone for about a month or two and all he knows now is guns and gangs and heists they'll want to try it out in real life. Thus creating mass shootings and gangs rising. So yes sometimes in rare cases video games can cause this but in most cases its neglected children not knowing right from wrong.

My third reason is that all of these games are available in almost every country around the globe, but the U.S.A is the only country to have a spike in mass shootings and gang violence. So what's the real reason why there is so much of that in the U.S.A. Some people argue that the second amendment



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