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Welcome to Zhuozheng Garden

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Good morning ,Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to Jiangsu! We are leaving Nanjing Crown Plaza. First let me introduce my group members: Chen Dongli ,you can call her Jassica; then, this is Huwei ,her English name is Rata, then, another member are Zhang Wanting and Li Yasi. My name is YuXiaiyan, my English name is Yuki, you can call me Xiaoyu or Yuki. On behalf of the travel service and my colleagues, I would like to extend a warm-hearted welcome to all of you. I will be your local guide for this leg of trip. We will try our best to make your visit smooth. If you have any problem, please do not hesitate to tell me. My mobile phone number is 123456789. I will have it switched on for 24hours. I am very happy to see you coming from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. May all of us be good friends after your travel in Jiangsu .Today, we will go to the Zhuozheng Garden.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we arrive at the Zhuozheng Garden. Please look at the horizontal board in the brick wall. There are three carved and gold lacquered characters: Zhuo Zheng Yuan, which means "Humble Administrator's Garden".

Now we enter this garden. We can see the garden could be divided into three parts. The east part Gui Tian Yuan Ju (Return to Nature ) mainly consists of idyllic scenery. The middle part Fu Yuan is the essence of the Zhuozheng Garden, and its ponds and rockery are the best .The western part is called Bu Yuan, in which most of the buildings were established in the Qing Dynasty.

Ladies and Gentlemen, after you have a clear idea of the layout of the garden, I will show you around this world famous garden. In front of us is a huge cloud shaped rockery, which is surrounded by green bamboo bushes and ancient trees. Two strange stones are emplaced in the west and a narrow path run through them. The huge rockery is called Zhuiyun Peak, and serves as a huge for other scenery o the garden.

Here is Furong Xie( Lotus Waterside Pavilion). In front of Furong Xie is a lotus pond, with a high wall in the back. The tranquility is appropriately set off by the strong contrast between wideness on one side and the closeness on the other side. If you stand in front of the pavilion and look to its western side, you will see an engraved round cover on the doorframe. This is a commonly used perspective style in Suzhou gardens, called "frame view".

Well, we are going to visit the Tian Quan Pavilion( Heavenly Spring Pavilion). It is located in a green lawn, very conspicuous under the blue sky and white clouds.

Now, we are walking along in a corridor which separates the eastern part and the middle part of the Zhuozheng Garden. There are 25carved windows in the wall along the corridor. The surrounding scenes are changing with the changes of window designs while you walking along the corridor. That is called "Yi Bu Huan Jing" (scenes



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