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What Are Angels?

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There are many good interesting things about angels. Many people in the world

believe in angels, others do not. Although I have never had any encounter with angels, I personally do believe in angels and I believe angels are nearer to you if you are a believer. However, whether you believe in them or not they are all around us. Angels fight for your soul, against the powers of darkness. Demonic activity is increasing in our world very rapidly. God's angels are around us now more than ever in this time of need. Even God himself said in his word that he has given his angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways (Psalms 91:11). In this paper I propose to shed some light on three concepts of angels. What are angels? What are some of the names of angels in the gospel? What are some of the effects of angels in our lives today?

What are angels? In Western religions, angels are any of numerous benevolent spiritual beings who mediate between heaven and earth. They often serve as messengers or servants of God or as guardians of an individual or nation. God's holy angels carry out a variety of tasks and deeds, as well as the angels of Satan. I deem they carry out what the will of heaven is on earth when God himself wants. Sometimes they appear as normal humans and sometimes with all the radiance of heaven shining upon them, and making known that a part of heaven is on earth. Most likely the angels' main role that God gave to them was to be a messenger to those that were in need. Many times angels have appeared to someone just in the nick of time to deliver an urgent message from God.

What are some of the names of angels in the gospel? One of the best-known angel "names" of the Bible is that of Gabriel. Gabriel is a messenger of God. He appears in the Old Testament Book of Daniel and in Luke's Gospel. Gabriel appeared twice to the prophet Daniel. One of those appearances was to explain the meaning of a vision that the prophet had experienced. (Dan. 8: 16) The second visit of the angel was to explain a prophecy that God had revealed to Daniel. However, the prophet did not understand. (Dan. 9:21) Gabriel had the privilege of announcing the future births of John the Baptist and Jesus. In Luke's Gospel, the angel appeared to Zechariah to announce the coming birth of John the Baptist to his wife Elizabeth. (Luke 1: 5-19) Gabriel said this about himself: "I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, who sent me to speak to you and tell you this good news." (Luke 1: 19) The pregnancy was a miracle because Elizabeth bad been unable to bear children up to this point. Michael is an archangel. Jude describes Michael as "the chief angel". (Jude 9) Jude was teaching that even Michael does not condemn the Devil, but leaves that to God. Revelation describes a war in Heaven with Michael leading his angels in a battle victory against the dragon (Satan) and his



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