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What Attracted Me in Psychology?

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Previously, I never liked psychology. Psychology has always been a nuisance to me, a large part of this negative regards to it comes from psychology students. Why do I think this way? Personally certain psychology students gave me the impression as if they put themselves ahead of you, placing a wall in front of them. They think they know better than you, they think they read people better than you. But to me, many a times I do not understand or find the logic in what they say.

I enjoy learning how to read people. I love to analyze a person by the first few exchanges of sentences in a conversation, because I believe you can tell a lot about the character of a person just by the way he or she speaks. However I also do not ignore the fact that to know more in depth about people you need to spend more time with them.

Taking PSY 108 I believe I can learn more and expect behavioral patterns from people around me in different settings. It is very important and can be taken as a powerful tool to influence people and handle situations in our daily life. I want to know how I should behave in order to gain favoritism from people, what must I do to avoid letting people gaining control over me or taking advantage of me etc. To put it simply, I want to find out every person's two important buttons which are the right button and the wrong button. We must always avoid pressing the wrong button which could provoke people, and always pushing the right button to please them.

Besides that, I watch a lot of English TV series and two of my favorites include The Mentalist and Lie to Me. These two shows taught me a great deal on how to observe people's actions and



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