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What Does Sustainable Supply Chain Management Mean

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Essay Preview: What Does Sustainable Supply Chain Management Mean

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Tutorial 1

Q. What does Sustainable Supply Chain Management mean?

The management of material and information flows as well as cooperation among companies along the supply chain whilst taking goals from three dimensions of sustainable development such as economic, environment and social , and stakeholder requirements into account.

Q. How could this sustainability be achieved in an organization?

Reflect on "triple bottom line" of balancing corporate social responsibility including balancing economic, environmental and social dimension of sustainability leading to the success of the organization due to the fact that these three dimensions are interrelated each other. Besides, it is also essential for firms to take a proactive approach towards managing sustainability issues in their supply chains.


Economic sustainability makes money!!!


Why are we in the business?

To make money

What is the second reason we have been in the business?

To make more money!!!

Tutorial 2

Q. What is process mapping?

A technique that involves graphically portraying a business process or workflow.

Q. How does process mapping get used?

It begins with high-level models that distil an organization's operations into no more than a dozen process.

1. Determine the boundaries

2. List the steps

3. Sequence the steps

4. Draw appropriate symbols

5. System model

6. Check for completeness

7. Finalize the process map


Q. How can process map positively impact on the business environment?

- Both current and future business processes can be diagrammed

-> This technique helps illustrate areas where improvements can be made and stems eliminated. Consequently, process mapping is deployed for superior understanding an existing process to help develop firms more efficient. Besides, it also underlines wastes.

Q. Identifying the 6 steps of re-engineering.

What is the re-engineering?

A technique that involve a shift from a functional perspective on the business to a process-oriented perspective.

The goal is to identify core processes to add value to the finished product or service and eliminate steps that are inefficient or non-value-adding processes.

Many of these inefficiencies are brought about by communication difficulties caused by the separation of functional departments.

6 steps

1. Identify core process with the greatest potential for improving competitiveness

2. The process re-engineering team must become familiar with current process and problems

3. Gather information from customers in order to identify changes that must be created to improve these processes

4. Identify enablers of changes

5. Review the proposed changes by the process re-engineering team, customers and personnel

6. Obtain support from the top management and appropriate financial resources to implement the new processes

Tutorial 4

Q. identify impacts of natural disasters on global supply


Supply of parts

People were stopped!!!


Electricity and Gas

Japan's suppliers are vital to many supply chains

->The disaster's impact is felt by industries around the globe.

eg. A General motors truck plant in Louisiana announced on Thursday that it was shutting down temporary due to the shortage of Japanese-made parts

Supply chain participants are interrelated each other

It is crucial to reflect on entire supply chain!!!

Q. What can organizations do in order to reduce the possibility



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