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What Fitness Means

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Why are the elderly more likely to suffer fatal consequences from a fall than any other age group?

While most might agree that aging can be a stress full and painful process, it also becomes a burden to the elderly and their families. There are a few reasons as to why the elderly suffer fatal consequences, but there are some solutions to try to prevent them.

More than 350,000 elderly Americas fracture their hips each year. Surveys have concluded that hip fractures increase after the age of 50, but can double after 5yrs. By just slipping and falling are not the only reason's of hip injuries, but they are a major cause. Poor balance and neurological deficits or hearing problems are also causes of injury that come to the elderly, due to aging. When the elderly age, their bones become weak and sometimes break. Hip injuries are very serious. Some people never fully recover and some may die. Some elderly will need assistance from family but also from a cane or a walker.

Before an injury occurs, there is some prevention methods that the elderly can take in their homes, since the majority of injuries occur at home. First, if they have any types of rugs in their homes, they should consider removing them. Second, taking caution entering and leaving their homes at all times. Adding handrails or bars in their bath tubs. Making sure all hallways are clear of obstruction. Lastly, monthly check ups with your doctor to check your physical being, vision, heart conditions and blood pressure. Along with a healthy diet and vitamins can help start a health and safe living environment.



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