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What Integraty Means to Me

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What Integrity Means To Me

According to Noah Webster integrity means honor, moral soundness and incorruptible. All these words come to mind but I also believe trustworthy and self-control are characteristics of integrity. Integrity should be the bases of all decision making. Honor is actually a fruit from integrity. It is an attribute given to a person that has showed the characteristics of integrity. Honor is not something that is given but rather something that is earned. I think this is the reason why integrity means so much to me.

I know that it is through the way I live my life, the decisions I make will determine if I earn honor which then shows integrity. When I think of honor I also think of honesty. This is an attribute that is inside and it usually plays out on the outside when no one but you and God is watching. Honesty is decided in the heart and head before it has a chance to become a part of a person's life. Honesty also means telling someone something and keeping your word even en when it is the hardest thing to do in your life. Moral-soundness

Is also a fruit of integrity, when you have integrity then you will be morally sound in every aspect of your life? I want integrity to be my compass because it will give me direction when I am not sure what to do. This has happened to me in my life so many times. When I was not sure about something I could reach in and grab out moral values that had been instilled in me as a child by the influences my life , such as my parents and my church.



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