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Why Do Children Kill Their Parents

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Essay Preview: Why Do Children Kill Their Parents

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whats are the cause for children killing their parents nowadays lack of love at home hanging round the wrong people and sexually abuse from the parents

mom mom mom! yelled the little boy and still no answer, where is everybody said the little boy since nobody home I'm going next door and wait for my parents to come home there isn't no love here.

john and dontae could y'all wait on me at the end of the corner, I have to handle somethings so when he arrived back to the corner he notice there was a man lying there on the floor face down with his pockets inside out. i gotta watch the friends hang out with.

I'm going to kill him bra for real i mean i cant keep going on thinking bout that day but the crazy part was that no one didn't believe me and that what made me hate him till now but i promise my self that i'm going to leave it in gods hands lord you know what happened or why it happen just have mercy on them for they do not know lord I've been sexually abuse.

I wrote this to say that no matter what you go threw as a child in life there is a reason for everything either to build us or to brake us out of the wrong that we are doing or to take us to the next level. My GOd is good all the time and the more you trust in him the more and better your life would get no matter how down it seems to be going there is a plan somewhere within that time of sorrow and ask yourself this question y are children so rebel-est towards their parents?



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