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Why I Chose a Macbook

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Essay Preview: Why I Chose a Macbook

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Why I Chose a MacBook

There are a lot of computers available, but I chose a MacBook 2016 because of all of the features it offers. It was a competition between the HP EliteBook Folio G1 and the MacBook. I chose the MacBook because I use a iPhone and a iPad, which will sync all of my pictures and music together through all the systems. I like the processor speed which is a core M5 processor. This laptop has a very ergonomic battery life which for me is important because I almost never to bring my charger in order to make my battery life better. I needed a a lot of ram to process my school work along with my work. Apple decided to put 8gb of ram I the new computers. I needed a light laptop that I can carry to work to complete my assignments, where the MacBook is one of the lightest laptops.

I think using a pen is one of the coolest things you can do on your laptop, but I did not choose a windows 10 laptop. I used apple laptops since the beginning of laptops, I almost never had a need to change to the windows operating system. While this might be cool to have I almost never needed to draw on my system. The Folio G1 will allow you to draw on your laptop, as well as turn it in to a tablet I never needed that. I use my tablet to watch Netflix before I go to bed, and to read some of the articles based on the rates of my new stock. I have the Apps for these different types of items so I never needed to get a laptop that can pursue these items. "It just feels to loose, even for a premium product." Ackerman, Dan. "HP EliteBook Folio G1 Review: A Slim

Business Laptop You'll Want to Show off." CNET. 9 Sept. 2016. Web. 09 Oct. 2016. This for me is one of the biggest issues with any Microsoft laptop. I need a laptop that will withstand me using it without it feeling like it is going to fall apart.

I do not play games with my laptop, I just need a simple laptop that will stand with me for the next 4 years. I believe Apple has done this, with their laptops, phones and tablets. This is the reason why I chose my new MacBook 2016.

System Requirements

Type of Cpu


Need to use internet anywhere

Built in WiFi

Needs to be light

Slim Laptop

Ability to watch Show in hd

Strong graphics card

Laptop Styles



Surface Pro

HP Elite Book Folio




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