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William Shakespear

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One of the biggest mysteries to most is that of "Did William Shakespeare write his plays by himself or did somebody else write them and he took the credit?" There are many alleged people who have the evidence to be the author of Shakespeare's plays. Either somebody else wrote the plays, or Shakespeare used other people's ideas, the question starts off with who is William Shakespeare? Little is known about William due to the fact that little documentation is one him. Records have only recorded that William is from Stratford-Avon. Nobody is for sure about when he was born so they refer to him being baptized on April 26, 1564. Being that there is little record on him, not many people know his true life. According to past records, he grew up in an illiterate home and was uneducated. Another question that arose is "If he was illiterate, then how did he write such magnificent plays?" His work differed in stance and grammar with his reputation in the town. William and his family had every document needed like birth certificates, tax papers, school work, and other papers, but no document says he had a higher education. Also there is very little on William Shakespeare himself, so history is based on the little the family provided. When writing his plays, William went under a surname "Shake-speare" or "Shak-spear." This leads to controversy on if William was real of even if wrote the plays himself. William provided random plays with six different signatures and none of them being the same. On the different records found, William's name is spelled different every time. Nobody really knows the reason why. It could be because nobody wanted to spell it correctly, or he told them different how to spell it every time they asked. The people who believe that William Shakespeare did not write any of his plays are called anti-Stratford. Simply because he was born in what we believe is Stratford. There's evidence that 7 other advocates have written William's plays. The people who are said to write his plays are Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlow, and even Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Francis Bacon is believed to be the number one advocate for the writing of the plays because he was a natural philosopher and worked in the Queen's court. Along with many other people who are believed to be the persons to write the plays. April 26, 1616 is the date William died. No eulogies, poems, or speeches were recorded. Nobody knows the reason why. So, did William Shakespeare write his own plays or did somebody else? The question still lingers today.



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