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Windshield Survey Nur 405

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Windshield Survey

1. Complete a windshield survey that identifies at least three to five aspects of a community that could affect health. You may conduct this survey either in your community or in the online Neighborhood.

Community: Owings Mills Maryland (21117).

Aspects that could affect Health:

Household income: The average household income in Owings Mills in 2009 is $67,761, while the median gross monthly rent is $1,165 (City-Dara.com, 2011). Based on these data; there is a high risk for the residents to allot their income to other things consider as necessities such as food, rent or Mortgage, utility bills, clothing instead of seeking healthcare.

Racial and ethnic groups of the community: Owings Mills is a cultural melting pot. It has 48.4% blacks, 37.9% whites, 5.7% Hispanics, two or more races 1.9%, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander 0.06% (City-Dara.com, 2011). Owings Mills is predominantly black and research indicates that, many black males do not seek routine medical intervention, and these findings hold true for other racial/ethnic minorities. They do not seek preventive services or annual physical.

Availability and accessibility to healthcare facilities: There are three hospitals in and around Owings Mills (Northwest hospital, Kernan, and Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center).Healthcare might not be easily accessible to those who rely solely on public transportation, because there are no bus lines in residential areas and these hospital are not within walking distances.

2. Definition:

 Community: A group of people living together in a common area and practicing the same ownership.

 Community health: Community health is a branch in public health concern with the study and improvement of the health of communities (Dictionary.com, 2011).

 Community as client: Community as a client is based on the practice of community health nursing based on the client and their families.

3. Identify one Healthy People 2020 health indicator that applies to your specialty area in of your field of experience or a specialty of one of the Neighborhood nurses, Violet, Carol, or Karen.

Achieve health equity, eliminate disparities, and improve the health of all groups (Minnesota Department of Health, 2010). At my current workplace, even though the job is centered on providing and coordinating care to people with developmental disabilities, I think more work needs to be done for the caregivers to fully understand the issues surrounding vulnerability. Lack of awareness is the major cause of health disparities in this vulnerable population. One important nursing role to foster this goal is geared toward continuous staff education. Effective staff education will promote competency and, in turn, pave the way for excellent quality care.

4. Create a Windshield Survey that includes the following components:

Housing and zoning: Owings Mills is located on 9.61 square miles land. The median home age is 13 years, the median home cost is $234,930,47.16%



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