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Wine Industry

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Essay Preview: Wine Industry

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Dear Wine-tasting Club Member,

I am taking this opportunity to write you about the current American wine production industry and steps as how we can deal to promote the American wine that can boost the industry and create more jobs in America.

From ages wine has been part of daily consumption as people believes a glass wine a day has health benefits. Some of the major studies in recent times on wine has proved that a glass of wine a day has various health benefits like cuts stroke risk, reduce kidney stones problem, cardiovascular diseases, etc. 1. America has a good market for wine with about 9 percent per capita consumption and with a 4.5 percent change in the last 5 years consumption2.

As per the consumption and wine lovers feedback the wine industry has been evolved in the past few decades and has producing great wines. During these years wine-tasting members like you had provided a real feedback to us on the wine taste and benefits that have helped the wine industry serve better wines. We at Bordeaux winery has been operating in the wine industry from the last three decades and has produced some of the best wines in America that includes Red wine, white wine, dry white wine and sparkling wines.

In the past 5 years America has been exporting about 400 million liters of wine and importing about 4 billion liters with a 5 percent increase every year3. Looking at these trends there is huge potential of wine not only in America but other countries as well. America produces one of the best wines in the world but it is sad to say that people like to prefer wines from other countries like France. People have a belief that if the wine is French then it should be good and now it seems the time has come to educate people about wines.

As an initial step of promoting the American wine we are planning to host a wine tasting event in Bordeaux and will publish the results for the consumers with importance on the American wine. I would appreciate if you can join us in the Bordeaux winery to taste and express your opinion on the American wine that can help to boost the American wine and to show that the American winery produces one of the best wines in the industry. We would like you to start promoting the American wine that can help boost the industry and create more jobs.

By promoting such events and supporting wines, the consumers will be more educated. Also, this will help to reduce the wine imports and increase in exporting wine. This will increase the wine sales and can lead to more jobs.

We are looking forward to hear from you as we know promoting the American wine without your help is near about impossible. We are also wishing you for a good business ahead in such a declining American wine production industry.


President and



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