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Wooden Windows Term Paper for 10 Pages

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Since the mid 1980's I have been helping artists to engineer their work using my electronics and mechanical design experience. I see myself as "The Man Behind The Curtain" - a visual metaphor for my business from "The Wizard Of Oz". I work with all kinds or artists from all over the world, many of whom I have never met in person! Projects range from small and simple to large scale public art. You name it, I have either done it or know how to! As a light sculptor with a 20+ year exhibition history, I know how to communicate with you at your level. (See MY ARTWORK).


I'll be happy to discuss pending projects with you - call me toll free. The more I know about your project, working style and conceptual base the better equipped I will be to save you money on your project. I try to become a transparent tool in the realization of your work, and will not affect your aesthetic, nor will I seek credit. I will also educate you about all of the technologies that I feel might be appropriate to your work. Once it is clear what the job entails I will provide a fixed price bid. I have a sliding scale for artists, and will always bid the job with your specific budget in mind. You can easily pay me with PayPal! If you have public art funding or other funding sources, then you can define the scope of your budget, and I will work within it. The projects below represent just a token few that I have helped my clients with over the years.



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