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World Literature and Culture Studies

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Essay Preview: World Literature and Culture Studies

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ATS 1295: World Literature and Culture Studies

Assignment 1. Lecturer: Dr Pier Paolo Frassinelli.

Words: 750 (for the critical essay). Deadline for submission: 1 April 2011.


1. Critical essay:

Write a detailed analysis of two of the sonnets that we discussed in class. You must select two sonnets by two different authors (Petrarch, Shakespeare, St. Vincent Millay) and compare them: consider the themes and ideas of the sonnets, the elements that embody these themes, and the means by which they are conveyed. Pay attention to style, tone, imagery, rhythm, and structure.

2. Creative writing exercise:

Write a sonnet in which you respond to one of the sonnets that we read in class: you should relate to the theme and language of the sonnet and impersonate the person to whom it is addressed. You are encouraged to use contemporary English, but you should follow the poetic and stylistic conventions associated with the sonnet.

Assignment submission

* Essays should be typed on one side of the paper only using double spacing.

* Number the pages at the top right hand corner and staple them together in the top left hand corner. Do not use paper clips.

* Leave a left hand margin of at least 40mm for comments.

* Ensure that you fill in the faculty assignment submission form (available on the shared drive) and staple it to the front of your essay. Your name, student number and the course code must be filled in on this form and you MUST sign the plagiarism declaration included on the form. This is your declaration that you HAVE NOT committed any act of plagiarism or collusion in the essay that you are submitting.

Deposit all essays in the Essay Submission Box in the School of Arts by 4pm on the due date.



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