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World War one

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  In 1900s, most European countries had succeed in achieving the industrialization, which made them wealthier in economy and more powerful in military. At the beginning of time, most lands and power in Europe were controlled by those countries which fulfilled the industrialization firstly, like Britain and France. They occupied more colonies and attained more resources, which made other new powers jealous. Meanwhile, in terms of technologies and military powers, the new powers had the ability to complete with the old industrial empires. Thus, in order to seek more lands and financial profits, European countries colluded into several alliance.

  Another reason causing such a great war is that though European countries came into being different groups of alliance, the relationship between different groups were complex in both military and policies. Every countries in essence wanted to achieve to maximize their own profits. Therefore, while they colluding into alliances, in the united teams, they also sought for own profits. There were no clear conflicts between two countries or two alliances. Instead, the conflicts existed among almost every European countries. Due to its complex relationship of confits, the solution could hardly be found in a short time, which brought in a wide-scale and long-last war. By contrast, former wars were major caused by two or three obvious national confits, which almost provoked the war in a small number of countries.

  Technological innovation is also a significant difference in World War One. It can be regarded as the first big-scale war which was mainly fought by using gun-powder weapons. Unlike the ancient weapons ranging from sword, shield to arrow, the gun- powder weapons definitely created a greater threat to cause the death. In some degree, the appearance of gun-powder weapons symbolizes the birth of modern war.

    The war reshaped the power of European countries, and almost every country suffer losses during the war, even for the winners. Meanwhile the war brought in political changes in some countries. Overall, after the war, there was no superpower controlling the most power, instead, Europe was ruled by several rather equal powers.



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