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Last update: December 11, 2016
  • Flame Test Lab for Lachsa Chemistry Students

    Flame Test Lab for Lachsa Chemistry Students

    Activity No. 3 Flame Tests CA Standard 1j: Students know that spectral lines are the result of transitions of electrons between energy levels and that these lines correspond to photons with a frequency related to the energy spacing between levels by using Plank's relationship (E=hv). Purpose: To be able to observe the colors emitted by the metallic ions when heated or subjected to flame. Hypothesis: (make up your own) Materials: Q-tips; water; crucible tongs; Bunsen

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  • Metallography and Hardness Test in Metals Lab Report, Spanish

    Metallography and Hardness Test in Metals Lab Report, Spanish

    Introducción En el presente informe, conoceremos la utilidad de la metalografía y los ensayos de dureza para conocer las propiedades de un metal. Para ello debemos primero aclarar los siguientes conceptos: La metalografía, tal y como lo expresa Bernau R. L. (1958), corresponde a un estudio de la microestructura, donde puede observarse el tamaño de grano y las fases, ya sea de metales o aleaciones, y la relación existente entre esta y sus propiedades mecánicas.

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  • Chemistry Lab Report

    Chemistry Lab Report

    EXPLAIN: In chemistry, the whole class learned about double displacement reactions. In the lab, each team had to randomly pick two compounds and to later mix it together. We used a tube that was empty because some tubes may be contaminated, which make the compound could not react. My team and I picked to compounds to mix together in an empty tube as directed. We were given a kit so that we could form precipitates.

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  • Physio Lab Report

    Physio Lab Report

    Experiment No. 7 PHYSIOLOGY OF THE SKIN I. Materials Needed: Glass plates, Two squares of bond papers (1cm x 1cm each), adhesive tape, betadine or Lugol's solution, Cotton Swab II. Procedures: A. Visualizing Changes in Skin Color Due to Continuous External Pressure 1. Obtain a small glass plate or watch glass. 2. Press the heel of your hand firmly against the plate for a few seconds. 3. Observe and record the color of your skin

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  • Lab Report - Gene Transfer

    Lab Report - Gene Transfer

    Introduction: Escherichia coli is a bacterium that can affect our health or even kill. Like most bacteria, E. coli is able to change and progress into different forms based on genetic changes that they can go through. One example of this genetic change is shown in the E. coli becoming immune to ampicillin is blood infections. Because ampicillin has been used so frequently to fight the symptoms of an E. coli infection, the bacteria has

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  • Lab Report of Hydrate

    Lab Report of Hydrate

    Formula of a Hydrate 1. INTRODUCTION Hydrates are ionic compounds such as salt that assumes specific amount of water molecules as part of their crystal formation. This water can be driven off by the appliance of heat. The percentage of water should be the same for each sample since the ratio of the ionic compound to water compound is always the same this chemical is called calcium sulfate trihydrate. When you find the mass of

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    Submitted: March 12, 2012 Essay by likeme
  • Environmental Lab Report

    Environmental Lab Report

    General Microbiology Laboratory Environmental Report Steven 10/30/2012 Dr. Angela Case 2012/2013 INTRODUCTION: We are always interested in what shares our environment that could possibly be harmful us. We have learned that microorganisms are almost everywhere. Including, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the earth we walk on. This study was done to see the classes of microbes that can be found in some select areas in our environment. We expect to find

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  • Osmosis Lab Report

    Osmosis Lab Report

    BIOLOGY Osmosis is defined as the movement of water molecules from the region of their lower concentration (hypotonic) to a region of their higher concentration (hypertonic) through a semi permeable membrane to create a stable and equal cellular environment (Isotonic state). This process is a vital function for the growth and stability of plant life in ways such as: Osmosis is a necessary process for photosynthesis to take place. In the process of photosynthesis, plants

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    Submitted: November 1, 2015 Essay by Maitreyee Joshi
  • Psy 2031 Lab Report

    Psy 2031 Lab Report

    Abstract Current literature has suggested that that the pre-frontal cortex may be sexually differentiated in humans due to the actions of sex hormones. This study aims to further investigate the gender differences in working memory performance. Participants consisted of 497 undergraduate psychology students from Monash University with a mean age of 23.4 years. Participants completed an online simulation, n-back test, along with measuring their own 2D:4D ratios. The results supported our hypotheses that females will

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    Submitted: April 29, 2016 Essay by knuko1
  • Paradigm Lab Report

    Paradigm Lab Report

    Pendulum Experiment Report Keisy Castillo Rishi Jason Objectives/Goals Describe what your lab group was investigating 1. Our goals for the lab include: getting the variables of the experiment correct and making our timing as accurate as possible 2. The purpose of the Lab was to determine the time of a complete swing of a pendulum while keeping the independent variables, the length, the mass, and the angle, constant. And also to figure out which independent

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    Submitted: October 4, 2016 Essay by raven911
  • Determining the Hardness of Water Lab Report

    Determining the Hardness of Water Lab Report

    Determining the Hardness of Water Lab Report Abstract The water hardness of a prepared unknown water sample was determined by comparing test results of titration of a prepared 500 mL of 0.004 M disodium EDTA solution. The tests conducted used Eriochrome Black T as the color indicator for the titration tests using the prepared Na2EDTA. It was determined that the prepared unknown sample of water had a water hardness of 252.4 ppm. Introduction Determining the

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    Submitted: September 18, 2017 Essay by insidevoicez
  • Reflection of Light - a Lab Report

    Reflection of Light - a Lab Report

    Reflection of Light Image result for reflection of light lab Analysis: 1. How far behind the mirror is the image of an object that is located in front of the mirror? The distance of the image behind the mirror is the same distance as the object in front of the mirror, so the distance is the same. 2. Compare the size of your original object triangle with the size of your constructed image of the

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    Submitted: April 13, 2018 Essay by Aoros
  • Tds Lab Report of the Uae

    Tds Lab Report of the Uae

    TDS LAB REPORT TDS Lab Report of the UAE Environmental science May 5, 2017 ________________ TDS Lab Report of the UAE Introduction: Water covers two thirds of earth’s surface, it is the foundation of life on earth, and our bodies are made up of % of it. Nowadays, the water that we so desperately need to survive, may be contaminated and lethal to drink. On top of that, it is not pure of bacteria, viruses

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  • Biology Lab 2 - Methods Report Dna Isolation from Banana Cells

    Biology Lab 2 - Methods Report Dna Isolation from Banana Cells

    To begin the experiment, a 1cm3 piece of banana was cut and mixed with a pinch of sand in a mortar, and mashed up with a pestle. Using a pipette, 10mL of detergent/ salt solution was measured and added to the mortar. The mixture was then ground for four minutes. Next, a funnel was lined with cheesecloth, and the liquid was poured through it and into a clean test tube. With a clean pipette, 4mL

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  • Straw Test Report

    Straw Test Report

    (Group 21) Straw Testing Report ________________ Content Introduction…………………………………………………………………………….……3 Procedure……………………………………………………………………………………3 Analysis……………………………………………………………………………………5 Data…………………………………………………………………………………………6 Result………………………………………………………………………………………9 Discussion…………………………………………………………………………………11 Conclusion…………………………………………………………………………………12 ________________ Introduction The goal of the experiment is to provide better preparation for designing and building of the final truss project. In this lab, we run test on different lengths of straws and analyze their strength to have an idea about them. Loads are added until straw buckles. By applying this data into the equations given in project description, the buckling

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    Submitted: February 16, 2016 Essay by hetazuoai
  • Formal Report – Lab Projects Inc.

    Formal Report – Lab Projects Inc.

    Formal ReportLab Projects Inc. Executive Summary Lab Projects Inc. (LPI) has managed to get to a platform which most technology startups dream of. The journey from creative vision to a working device is challenging and full of surprises. However, it is only the beginning. Procuring raw material, establishing storage facilities, and managing risk during the movement of product are areas that are the backbone of any successful operation. My goal is to

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    Submitted: May 24, 2016 Essay by Jsharad
  • Report on Trip to Terengganu Under Mgt 215

    Report on Trip to Terengganu Under Mgt 215

    Report on Trip to Terengganu under MGT 215 On 27th March 2010, 70 students who take course code MGT 215 had a trip to Terengganu. Both classes are taking this code organize this trip since two month ago. Miss Siti Farrah and Miss Farizah are the advisor for this trip.This trip actually helps the student to gain more knowledge on their syllabus in term of practically. The four elements in management which are Planning, Organizing,

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  • Personality Assessment Tests

    Personality Assessment Tests

    Taking personality assessment tests makes me realize certain things about myself . It also makes me understand other people 's preferences and tendencies which may pave the way for a better relationship with them . Constructing a Johari Window is another way to improve self-knowledge . Let me now discuss what I have done in details . In the first quadrant , which represents my Open Self , or the side that are known

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  • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

    Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

    6: Introduction to Hypothesis Testing Significance testing is used to help make a judgment about a claim by addressing the question, Can the observed difference be attributed to chance? We break up significance testing into three (or four) steps: Step A: Null and alternative hypotheses The first step of hypothesis testing is to convert the research question into null and alterative hypotheses. We start with the null hypothesis (H0). The null hypothesis is a claim

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  • Iphone 4 Speed Test

    Iphone 4 Speed Test

    In our informal performance testing in San Francisco, the AT&T-connected iPhone 4 registered far faster download speeds than the Verizon-connected Droid X did. The iPhone 4 showed an average download speed of 1958 kbps (almost 2 mbps) across our five testing locations in the city. The Droid X had an average download speed of 1130 kbps--still more than enough speed for reasonably fast Web browsing and standard-definition video watching. The two new devices posted similar

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  • Examine the Importance of the Context of the Financial Reporting Generally

    Examine the Importance of the Context of the Financial Reporting Generally

    Examine the importance of the context of the Financial Reporting generally and with particular reference to the adoption and application of the International Standards by the European Union, using, as appropriate, at least one of the IAS or IFRS to support your reasoning and support the contentions and assertions that you make. DECLARATION I hereby certify that this material, which I now submit for assessment is entirely my own work and has not been

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  • Animal Research - Is It Right to Use Animals to Test Medicines?

    Animal Research - Is It Right to Use Animals to Test Medicines?

    There has been a long debate on if it is right to use animals to test medicines, or inject them with diseases to see if a cure can be found. To see a human suffering from a disease it makes you feel sorry for them and only wish that the person were well, is the same thought for an animal when it has an illness or is it just over looked because they are not

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  • Klezmer Concert Report

    Klezmer Concert Report

    Concert Report: MUSI 1540 Winter Christena Abdel-Messeh (209674078) World @ Noon Concert- Klezmer Prof. Judith Cohen On Thursday March 31st 2011 I attended the Yiddish concert located in the Martin Family Lounge at York University. The performers were Brian Katz who had played the guitar and piano, Mike Anklewicz who had played the clarinet, and George Koller who was on the bass. There were about twenty audience members and the environment was not just the

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  • Financial Reporting

    Financial Reporting

    * Five key items 1. Two events a. My suggestion is that this event should be disclosed in the notes as contingent liability. This event does not satisfy the definition of liability in Framework. According to the Framework (para 49), a liability is defined as a present obligation arising from past events. Although disputing with customer is a past event, the existence of a present obligation is still unclear. It will be confirmed by the

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  • Drug Testing in the Workplace

    Drug Testing in the Workplace

    "Drug testing is one action an employer can take to determine if employees or job applicants are using drugs. It can identify evidence of recent use of alcohol, prescription drugs and illicit drugs." (Stanley, 2007) According to Cone, who is the head of National Institute on Drug Abuse, Drug testing is a method which define if a worker is using legal or illegal drugs and it can define which kind of drugs is he/she using

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