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Chemistry Lab Report

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EXPLAIN: In chemistry, the whole class learned about double displacement reactions. In the lab, each team had to randomly pick two compounds and to later mix it together. We used a tube that was empty because some tubes may be contaminated, which make the compound could not react. My team and I picked to compounds to mix together in an empty tube as directed. We were given a kit so that we could form precipitates. In this kit, we had 5 available compounds to mix together. We were to watch if there was any reaction formed. We were to have ten precipitates. If we didn't have enough reaction to write down, we could ask for another kit. If any reaction formed, we were to write down the reactants, product, and balance them all together. We were also supposed to write the color of the precipitates and whether it is a solid or not.

RECALL: The significance of the lab was to see a pattern in the way the compounds reacted together. It was also to see precipitates form, and to learn more about precipitates.

RESULTS: During the course of learning double displacements reactions, we learned a term in chemistry called precipitate. When two compounds are mixed together and react, they both form a precipitate. A precipitate is an opaque solid that is formed when compounds react with each other. Precipitates don't have to be as hard as a rock just because it is a solid. It could be a liquid but opaque, which makes it a solid. All of compounds mix together formed precipitates. The colors of the precipitates are cloudy white, blackish red, violet, yellowish orange, mint green, sea green, and dark yellow.

UNCERTAINTY: There was only one uncertainty during the lab. The KOH and the NaOH were contaminated. A compound could be easily contaminated if exposed to the air. A compound needs to be kept close in an unused bottle because a used bottle can also contaminate the product of the compound. We had problems with the two compounds mentioned earlier and we thought that both compounds couldn't react. We had to start all over again because they were contaminated and useless. Mrs. Yench had to give the whole class a set of new KOH and NaOH

NEW THINGS LEARNED: I learned that a precipitate doesn't have to be as hard as a rock; it just has to be opaque. I also learned that KOH and NaOH could easily form a precipitate because they both have hydroxide in them.



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