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Why Do You Want to Join Morgan Stanley and What Differentiates You from the Other Applicants to This Program?

Term Paper Why Do You Want to Join Morgan Stanley and What Differentiates You from the Other Applicants to This Program? and over other 29,000+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!

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Q.1) Why do you want to join Morgan Stanley and what differentiates you from the other applicants to this program?

A.1) I have always wanted to work for Morgan Stanley. With almost 100 years of tradition, Morgan Stanley has core values and missions that I admire exceedingly. Morgan Stanley’s new goal of Carbon Neutrality for Global Operations by 2022 is a huge step towards a sustainable future and environmental preservation which is something I firmly believe in. My 5-week spell at UNESCO Association directed towards the same objectives is a testimony to this. I wanted to make sure that I am working for a company that is not only the leader in the global marketplace, but does it in an environmentally responsible way.

Morgan Stanley’s continued dedication to innovation in the workplace has played a key part in influencing my decision-making process. I believe in hard work and perseverance so the idea that I can take a job with Morgan Stanley that will continue to push me to become even more than I am right now is incredibly exciting.  

Throughout my life, I have been a finance enthusiast. My ongoing program at ESSEC as a M.Sc. Finance candidate, together with the finance specialization embedded in my undergraduate degree, lays down the foundation for a career in investment banking. The valuable internships that I have undertaken have allowed me to put my theoretical learning to practice and have helped me contextualize concepts assimilated in class which were highly instrumental in carving out my career vision. My tenure at NMIMS and my work experience have instilled in me, a strong interest and foundation in corporate finance, investments and the intricate tools used in today’s markets and quantitative tools required for stock market analysis.

Hard work is the key to success’ is what propels me. A strive to be the best in the room and an endeavor to reach my target are my indwelling motivators.

I strongly uphold that a person discovers his true-being when involved in extra-curricular activities. My participation in intra-collegiate cultural events helped in the development of critical life skills that cannot be replicated in a classroom. They inculcated in me strong inter-personal, time-management and organizational skills.

I consider myself a team-player, committed to building something larger and who puts aside personal gains for the weal of the group. From being involved in cricket to being a volunteer at UNESCO Association, I sighted the need for harmony, leadership and communication to see through any goal; be it winning the state-level cricket championship or helping the indigent.

During the course of my undergraduate program, I have held several positions of responsibilities and thereby developed proficiency in data handling and real-life problem solving through logical and analytical reasoning. I strongly believe that I would contribute to the Morgan Stanley environment as an effective intern and work with unsurpassed dedication and prove myself to be an asset for you.


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