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Employee Morale

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The employee's morale plays a very significant role in the organization. Morale is equally important in the management. The morale is a mental condition or attitudes of individuals and groups which determines their willingness to cooperate. Good morale is evidenced by employee enthusiasm, voluntary conformance with regulations and orders, and a willingness to cooperate with otters the accomplishment of an organizations objective. Poor morale is evidenced by surliness .insubordination, a feeling of discouragement and dislike of the job, company and associates. The morale is also known as a state of mind Morale is a relative term .it may be high or low .when employees feel enthusiastic, optimistic about the group activities .satisfied with job and friendly to each other, they are said to have high morale the other hand, if they feel dissatisfied pessimistic and irritated, their morale is said to be low.

High morale means willing cooperation and loyalty to the organization employees with high morale take grater interest in the job, feel a sense of identity with the organization and take pride in it.

The managers can identify any change in the level of morale .by keenly observing the talks, gestures and behavior of employees.


The morale plays a very significant role in the organization. Research shows no direct and consistent relationship between morale and productivity. Productivity sometimes is high with high morale, but at other times productivity may be low even when morale is high


 Primary objective

To study about the morale of employees of SOLVE PLASTIC PRODUCTS PVT LTD (BALCO) Punalur

 Secondary objective

To suggest suitable and appropriate measures for the improvement of morale of employees in Solve plastic products private limited. Punalur


1. Sample size : 50

2. Sample

Product Pvt Ltd (BALCO) Punaloor : Solve Plastic

3. Type of Sampling : Random

4. Research Instrument questionnaire

disguised Structured : Non

5. Tool of analysis Method : Percentage

6. Diagrammatic Representation Diagram : Bar

7. Type of Data Date & Secondary Data : Primary

8. Data Collection method : Primary

Data through


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