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Call Center Outsourcing: How to Retain Employees

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Essay Preview: Call Center Outsourcing: How to Retain Employees

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Executive Summery

Basically it's had bee very hard work, because had to gather a lot of knowledge regarding Call center industry and the problem which lies internally. As far my experience is concerned I have been working in Center for past six years and I have seen this Call Center organization making a very mix responses, so the thing that I would be working on will be one of the main Department of this industry and that is Human Resource Department. I will be going through some call center visiting them personally and try to getter problem which lies in between these companies. Because its been 10 years almost that call center got in establishment, but in the first five years it has been growing rapidly, but for the past few years survey report from PSEB declared that its has been almost 400 International call centers having 10-20 seats are being operational in Lahore apart from TRG ( The Resource Group) or Ovex Tech. Due to this problem the HR having difficulties in arranging the Right Agent for the Job and firing had been a very Important role, so my task is to go in dept to see where the Problem is lying and how to Solve this problem in this Industry. So that People would start taking this Job seriously and try to take it as a Career Path

Call Center Outsourcing: How to Retain


In this project I would be working on Call Center Outsourcing where actually I would be taking care of the main three department problems which is making problem in retaining employees.

To see betterment in Call Center Industry by solving its three major problems, because I have been working in this organization for 6 years and seen a lot of ups and downs, so now it's my turn to make things as much better.


The research on which I am going to do my project is on call center industry. Basically I would be taking care of the three major problems, through which Agents of call centers does not retained them self. There had been a lot of problems going on in Pakistani Call Center, because I went to PSEB ( Pakistan Sofware Export Board) and get to have an idea that basically there are all together more then 300 call centers in Lahore, which Small Business, but I one open then at the same time two get closed down. So after going through what are the main cause which are making it difficult for these call centers to make profit or retain employees are given below, so I would be going through these problem

Mostly using the help of the internet as well because these problem

Had been faced widely not only in Pakistan but outside as well.

Hr Problem

Project Problem

Now I should be taking care of every major step in order to make this problem solved and try to introduce new variable through all theses major problem shall be resolved and future no problem will occur. Now in my research I would not be focusing on one company. Because it is a common problem which a lot of International Call centers are facing these days. In the mean time I would be doing a lot of research on the internet as well, to find the possible outcomes which can eliminate these sorts of problems form the company?

History of call center Industry.

Call centers are comparatively a recent introduction to the world of career options in Pakistan. The career avenues provided by call centers is one of the best suited and growing option which even a fresher can opt for. With the opening up of the Pakistan economy and the advent of globalization more and more companies from abroad are basing or outsourcing their call centre services to Pakistan, a trend started by GE when it established a call centre near New Delhi in 1998.

A call centre is a service centre with adequate telecom facilities, access to internet and wide database, which provide voice based or web-based information and support to customers in the country or abroad through trained personnel. Call centre's exist in all sectors of business including banking, utilities, manufacturing, security, market research, pharmaceuticals, catalogue sales, order desk, customer service, technical queries (help desk), emergency dispatch, credit collections, food service, airline/hotel reservations etc. The wide area of services provided by the call centers makes it a lucrative career with a range of opportunities.

Traditionally, call centers meant only voice-based customer support. But now most call centers are more of a contact centre, offering e-CRM services that include voice based customer support as well as e-mail response, web-based text-chat services and other customer interaction channels. The call centre services can be 'inbound' where in calls are received from customers enquiring about a service or product that an organization provides. The call centre services can be 'outbound' where in calls are made to customers to sell products or collect information/money etc. Call centre services can also 'specialized' say in business processing where in calls are made from one company to another company.

Some call centers stick to only domestic businesses dealing with customers within the country called domestic call centers while others such as an International call centre mainly deal with clients from abroad say from US, Europe etc. There is a great scope for Call centers in Pakistan, with a large population of educated English speaking people. The wide range of opportunities, comparatively well paid jobs for the minimum qualification it requires and the facilities the companies provide like to and fro transport, subsidized meals and medical facilities makes Call centers a good option.


There are basically two major departments which plays a very vital role in the making of a call center.

* Inbound

* Outbound

Definition of Inbound Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Excellent customer service will

Provide companies with a better reputation from customers who realize that their needs and concerns



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