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Employees - Key to the Success of Organization

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Essay Preview: Employees - Key to the Success of Organization

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Employees are the key to the success of any organization. They are also known as backbone of the business enterprise. If employees are effective and efficient, half the job of the company is done. So, it's very important for the organizations to have able workforce. The productivity of the employee is very much determined by his motivation level. An employee can be motivated by number of factors including, high wages, workplace environment, competition, supporting management, new challenges, responsibilities, scope of growth etc. An organization must be able to figure out how to motivate employee and subsequently work upon them. Almost all employees want to do interesting work, secure a good salary and earn recognition for their contributions. But motivating employees takes more than money and an occasional "thank-you." It requires a strategy tailored to each worker's needs.

Ask what they want out of work. Just knowing that an HR manager or boss is interested in a worker's goals will make many employees feel better about their jobs. It can be difficult to get a quick and accurate answer to this question, however. Some workers may say that they want to work on a prestigious project, for example, only to discover once they have been assigned to the project that it isn't what they expected.

it may help to ask a more specific question. Have workers describe a previous project that they felt good about, then see what aspects of that can be repeated, suggested Michael Beasley, a career-development and executive coach who owns Career-Crossings in Portola Valley, California.

Consider each employee's age and life stage. There are exceptions to every generalization, of course, but workers nearing the end of their careers are often less focused on the next promotion than those who are just starting to climb the corporate ladder. Younger workers may also be less accustomed than older ones to waiting patiently in a job they don't find interesting.

Pinpoint each employee's personality. Some people love public praise; others are mortified by it and would much prefer a sincere, in-person "thank-you." Make sure you take this into account if you are planning a ceremony to give awards or other recognition.

Use flexibility wisely. Allowing employees to telecommute some of the time or to set their own office hours can have big benefits. It makes employees' lives more manageable



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