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Kailyn Turner

Adv. Eng. 12

Miss Temple, Period 3

Narrative paper



My name is Tate. I am 13 years old. I am one of three children; all of us are girls. I live in the city of Denmark in Hrothgar’s famous mead hall which is known as Herot. The building in which the powerful man held court is the foremost of halls under heaven. It is the noblest building of all; a marvelous structure built out of the finest gold in the world. You may wonder how my siblings and I came to live here. Although I would like to say my parents raised us in Herot, with love and care, unfortunately I can not say so without it being a lie. Truthfully, my siblings and I were raised by my uncle, Hrothgar. My parents could not afford to raise three children nor did they have the desire to. My uncle, being the hero, took us in under his wing. Although I will forever be grateful for his generosity, I still to this day wonder why my parents abandoned me at such a young age. I was only six at the time. My uncle, Hrothgar, told me my parents loved me and fortunately, they loved us enough to see what was best for my sisters and me. I, for one, do not believe he is telling the truth. Hrothgar is busy running his kingdom. Therefore, that leaves me in charge of my sisters. If my parents loved us, they would have stayed and fought for us. They would not have left us to fend for ourselves. I was only a little girl, left to take care of my sisters. And because of this, I feel like there is a huge hole in my heart that will never be repaired.

At this point in my life, I have so many unanswered questions. On one hand, there are the obvious questions like, “Why did my parents leave us?” or “Will we ever see them again?”. And on the other hand my mind wonders, “Was it my fault? Did they leave because of me? I am the oldest. I am the most responsible.” All of these questions have left me feeling uncertain of my life and the person who I have become. I often wonder how my life, as well as my sisters’ lives, would be like if it were not for my parents leaving us. But enough of me dreading on the past. I have to move forward with my life. If I can not move forward for myself, I must move forward for my sisters. They are the most important piece of my life. Without them, I would be lost; without a purpose in life.

Every morning I awake to the sunset. The light shines through my windows illuminating my bedroom. Today was different though. My eyes never saw the sunset. I awoke much earlier to a sound of crashing doors and breaking glass. I knew right away who the culprit was for such destruction. His name was Grendel. I knew I had about thirty seconds until he came crashing through my door.

I quickly jumped out of bed, screaming to my sisters, “Wake up! The monster has come! He’s alive! We must leave now before it’s too late!”


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