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Reaction to the Movie - Troy

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Movie Troy is situated on the Northwest part of Asia Minor Turkey. The movie based on the ancient Greek epic The Iliad and depicts the Trojan War as it was told by Homer. A war started on the behalf of beautiful Helen that was abducted from her husband by Paris. It was a war for the restoration of a Greek king's honor. The United Greek armies of various cities launched a military expedition for that reason against the Trojan. The main battle of troy is thought to have taken place in the 12th or 11th century BC.

All we can know for certain is that there was an ancient city at the Bosphorus, which was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. So there has to be a core of truth in the story, but as history is always written by the winners, we do not know how much of it is true.

The characters are most probably fictional, probably every Greek town and city wanted to have a hero who fought in that famous war, and Homer took it from there.

The thing about Helen might well have been true, because even in historic times the land of the city state of Sparta belonged to the women, and the bronze age king probably had his legitimacy by marriage to the queen, in whose lineage the inheritance was given on, so Menalaos would have good reason to want his wife back, and to reconcile himself to her afterwards. Troy, may be inaccurate, for one, the war didn't just happen in days, it happened in years and the Pitt's character's "cousin" really wasn't his cousin in real life, he was either a really close friend or may have even been Achilles' lover as was common in that culture for an older man to take his young apprentice as more than a mentor.

I found this film to be epic indeed, full of battles, large landscapes and plenty of CG cities and armies to boggle the mind. One of the more interesting things I got from this movie was how well it showed how one's own actions can affect the lives of others, and how selfishness, arrogance, etc can affect people as well. Each character was faced with choices in life that could potentially alter the lives of many others, and the audience gets to watch as the consequences of those actions play out, showing the cost of their choices.

Hector (Eric Bana as the elder prince of Troy) is probably the most interesting character in the film, and he is really the one worth rooting for. He loves his family, his country, and even sacrifices himself in several ways to defend his honor and his home. He fights fairly against an evil and corrupt king, and often chooses the honorable way over the "popular" way. I felt it was his selfless, honorable love that is the kind worth emulating, not the selfish, pleasure-seeking love of his younger brother Paris. Because of his honorable character, he is respected by both armies, and manages to maintain his integrity throughout the film. Though there were objectionable elements


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