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Movie Analysis "despicable Me"

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Essay Preview: Movie Analysis "despicable Me"

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The movie "Despicable Me" an evil supervillian by the name of Gru, along with his minions, attempt at the greatest robbery to ever be made. Gru's plan to begin with was to steal the great Pyramid of Giza, but his plan is soon spoiled when the new and younger super villain by the name of Vector beats him to it. Gru is devastated that his plan was spoiled, so he and evil minions decide to go and ask the Bank of Evil for a loan to attempt their next great robbery. They had decided that it was time to try something that had never been done before, and that was to steal the moon by shrinking it with a shrink ray. The Bank of Evil says they will not give him a loan until he had actually obtained the shrink ray necessary for such a large project. Upon walking out, devastated by not getting the loan he needed, Gru sees Vector. Filled with fury and rage, Gru, decides to shoot Vector in the head with his freeze-ray gun. Meanwhile, the minions had been devising a plan to steal the shrink-ray that lies within a top secret lab in Eastern Asia. Gru and his minions successfully steal the shrink-ray gun to have it suddenly stolen from them by known other than Vector. Gru attempts to steal back the shrink ray but he was unsuccessful in his attempts. Gru decides that maybe it was time to talk to the minions and just give up on being a supervillian, until one day he walks past Vector's lair. While walking by,Gru, sees three young-girl scouts get accepted into the lair and that is when Gru decides that he wants to adopt those three girls and use them to get to Vector. The three girls names are Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Gru has no idea how to be a father, but the girls are just thankful to be together and out of the orphanage. While Gru was busy trying to be a father, the minions were hard at work at developing cookie robots to put in the boxes of cookies that would be going to Vector's lair. The cookie robots were designed to tap into Vector's vault and steal back the shrink-ray. After successfully achieving the shrink-ray yet again, Gru is ready to get rid of the girls. So, on the way home he stops by Super Silly Fun Land where he intends to leave them but as he is trying to runaway the girls catch him and beg him to ride the roller coaster with them. Gru reluctantly gives into the wish of the girls and soon comes to find that he actually cares about them. Now that Gru had received the shrink-ray, he decides to set up another meeting with the Bank of Evil to try to receive a loan. this time the bank just simply says that they would rather have someone younger for the job and denies Gru yet again. Devastated by the news, Gru had lost all hope and in being a supervillian and decides that it is time to call it quits. Yet the girls and the minions feel otherwise and decide to take a collection to try raise money to try and help save it. Nefario, sidekick to Gru, has started to see the girls become a distraction so he calls the orphanage



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