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Reaction on the Reading and Lecture

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Essay Preview: Reaction on the Reading and Lecture

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Upon the assigned reading and the lecture on Tuesday, I would like to share a few thoughts. It talks about the invention of paper as well as printing which is indispensable to us. People in the ancient time had to write on the calfskins and sheep skins to record things before the invention of paper which sounded so troublesome and not durable over times. Moreover, I have come to realize that we are truly blessed to be living in a convenient generation where we get everything fast. It might sound so easy to think about the process of the invention of the printing and paper and just take in for granted. I could not agree more with what Eugene Rice said in the book, "It is easy for us to imagine in retrospect, so immensely difficult before it accomplished." We should have an attitude of gratitude for those whose inventions are continuously blessing our life and not take it for granted.

Furthermore, I have a new insight after attending the lecture on Tuesday. Brother Tueller had a remark on the relation of perspective and modernity. He mentioned that history is one thing which everyone views it differently and its definition will be changed in different era. For example, in the movie "Charlie chaplin's Modern times", the big machinery is deemed as extremely dangerous and ancient nowadays. It might even sound ironic to name the movie as "Modern Times" in which we only could the "old" stuff compare to our times. However, that big machinery was so modern and advanced if we were to be born in those years. History is interpreted so differently depends on when we look at it. Also, history is just someone's ideas and point of view towards certain incidents in the past. Therefore, when we read some kind of historical articles or books, we might want to read more than one author's regarding on certain incidents in order to getting a bigger picture as well as avoiding judgmental opinions.



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