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Technology is one of the most prevalent media influencing on people's lives. For this reason, people have always been interested in technology and have tried to be used to use it. Technology has long part of the classroom space. Today, personal computer becomes essential or must-have item. Since the invention of computer has affected human's life in tremendous ways, it is almost impossible to manage daily life without the help of computers. However, many students nowadays use to computer technology in the classroom. Computer technology could be bad effect on student`s relationships in many ways such as physical health, psychological health, and life style.

.Despite of the facts that the idea, some people might think that computer needs many benefits for today`s students. However, technology helps students in many ways and education.

Too much spending time in doing computer can have unhealthy physical on people. />People are more likely to be overweight because they do not get as much physical activity as they need and eating too much junk food are a major cause for obesity. In addition, students who are computer holic will be weak in sight because there is so much electromagnetic wave in computer. So if students do computer for a long time, there is high chance for students to wear glasses. Furthermore, doing computer might cause sleep problems. Regular sleep habit is an important part of healthy life. Students who do three or more hours of computer per day have higher risk of sleeping problems because students are easily obsessed by playing games, chatting, or even searching on the web; they seldom sleep at night time. Therefore, computer leads lots harmful on physical health.

Computer can give a bad influence on psychological health. For example, there are many violent cultures on the internet that cause people ___act more violently and selfish . People tend to respect things they see or hear as they begin to develop their own vocabularies and word. People are communicating more faster than ever, but some worry that, as texts drops consonants, vowels and punctuation and makes no distinction between letters and numbers, people will no longer how we`re really supposed to communicate (Huang 406). In addition, more and more people are spending too much time in doing computers instead of spending time with friends or family. As a result, people tend to be alone and at the end, they are isolated. This can cause serious mental problems. In other words, students can learn violent behaviors that weaken human relationships due to the technology.

Most importantly, doing too much computer can change student's life style. First, young people cannot handle or judge the contents of the Web. Their curiosity tends to make them absorb the contents without proper judgments of right of wrong. They are just exposed to too much contents of


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