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What Is Art ?

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What is Art?. Everyone is accustomed to thinking as art to only be what we see or hear in concerts, in theaters, in novels, in poem ,on buildings, or on walls but that is just a small part of it. Art is in every part of human life, it is just not a simple word but it is a word that can transmit feelings from one individual to another. In " What is Art?" by Leo Tolstoy explains that art is a form of expression of feeling or experience that brings two parties together , so they can bond and connect over the feeling or experience. Art is a way of communication, and is an important way of expression of any experience or any human emotion. The opposite idea is applied in " A Hunger Artist" by Franz Kafka, the hunger artist believes that fasting is a form of art in which he believes will bring him admiration and praise from the public. For most artist art expresses their experience or feeling whereas, the hunger artist is fasting for the glory and approval. Leo Tolstoy would not consider the hunger artist performance as being art because he believes that art is not just a performance but it has to create a emotional and spiritual connection between two parties.

Fasting was created as a form of spiritual cleansing, whereas, the hunger artist is fasting for the personal glory. On the fortieth day the artist was suppose to stop the fasting and leave his cage but he wanted to continue the fasting so he could beat the record. He said " why should he be cheated of the fame he would get for fasting longer" ( Kafka, 321). The practice of fasting is suppose to enhance a individuals ability to reach a new level of spirituality to help them connect with others. The artist is not fasting for a spiritual experience that can create a bond between him and the audience but he is fasting for the praise and glory. If he fast for more than forty days, he believes that audience would be drawn to him as a performer and admire his form of art. For Leo Tolstoy good art must be religious art. It should be performer with good intensions and morals. He argues, that art should "transmit feelings ..of religious perception"( Tolsoty, # 18). Art should be expressed with good intensions so it can create spiritual "heavenly" experience for the audience. Instead of creating this "heavenly" experience for his audience, the hunger artist builds a sense of selfishness because he believes fasting as an art "pays very well" for a "great performances" . Furthermore, he wants the people to notice his fasting performance as a form of art. He asserts " I always wanted you to admire my " ( Kafka , 325).Even though fasting is not considered a form of art. Tolstoy would never accept the hungry artist's performance as being art because the artist does not create a spiritual connection for the audience instead he performance for his own glory and honor.

Art should create a specific



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