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Electronic Chapter 11

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1. the best way to find out how to deal with the spill is to check the MSDS

2. the term used to describe a network cable lying loose in a high-traffic area is trip hazard

3. When lifting a heavy object, I should keep my back straight, lift with legs

4. A tower case should not sit on a thick carpet because it blocks vent on bottom of case

5. to protect a keyboard that is used in and extremely dusty area, I should put a keyboard cover on it

6. It is not a good practice to unpack computer parts immediately after they have been delivered on a cold day because they might be exposed to condensation caused by difference in temperature

7. It is not a good Idea to throw used batteries in the trash because batteries are hazardous materials

8. The best way to get rid of laser printer toner cartridges is to return them to the manufacturer

9. Before throwing a failed hard drive that was used in the Accounting department, it must be completely and physically destroy

10. When shipping a computer, it is not a good idea to ship backups of the system in the same package with the computer because rough handling can cause damage

11. The law that defines software copyright infringement is the federal copyright act of 1976

12. A site license gives ability to use multiple copies of software

13. It's not a good idea to buy software that is on CDs with handwritten labels because it is probably counterfeit

14. The six steps used by troubleshooters to solve PC problems? Back up, best guess, test theory, plan solution, verify fix, document

15. When solving a PC problem, it is important to use the least obstructive solution first because the less intrusive the repair, the more data is retained


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