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Happiness is the world greatest entity which the world can bestow upon us. Without happiness the world will be an empty, dull, miserable place without any joy. Value education is a program hosted by the City School GCA and is known for celebrating happiness as a key value in education. Happiness is fully exploited in this program on the basis of education. It is program which celebrates and praises happiness as a key value in the spread of education.

                                                                        Arhum Siddiqui – 8-W

Laughter is the best medicine. We should always be happy for what we have. We should learn that we should be happy for all the small things we have; as we learnt in the value education program that even the orphans, the disabled and the poor get happy on the smallest things. Being happy is the best way to have a good life.

Shahman Ali-8- W

Happiness represents joy in one’s life. Without happiness we would be dull and no one would ever see another smile on a person’s face. Happiness is a basic need one should have in his life. When things are dark and hopeless, we rely on memories of happiness to motivate us.

Arqam Siddiqui – 8 –W

There was a value education day in our school from one act learn that happiness is a big part of life. Miss Ayesha learns that we should make everyone happy and be happy.

Zuhair Hasan – 8-W

The word happiness only suits on them who are kind and gentle to others. We had a children’s day in our school in which children presented beautiful acts and they were presenting it like they were united. They were happy because they were with one’s who made them happy.

Tolerance is the key to success to which a person should opt for. Moreover, it is the characteristics to be a good honorable person in the society. Defense day is a day on which the important value of tolerance is exploited and celebrated. The city School celebrated this value with a spiteful event on defense day.

Arqam Siddiqui – 8 –W

Happiness, love and care all values which are important for a child. Example, like in an Eid Milan Party, if one child lacks all those he will be sitting in a corner unhappy because these values teach a child to be an extrovert.

Shahman Ali-8- W

Teamwork is an important value in our life. We can solve even our most difficult problems with the help of our teammates. Team work teaches us unity and co-operation. We can build relations and keep them united with help of teamwork.

Ashhal – 8-C

“United we stand, divided we fall” a true saying which symbolizes the importance of teamwork in our live. If everybody joins forces and works together, anything can be achieved. If we faces our enemies as one, no-one can penetrate us. But if we do not do so, we will fall at the hands of everyone.

Abdul Muqeet - 8-C

Teamwork is cooperation by which relation develop which lead to a strong friendship. If people are united they can overcome every hurdle in their way. To summarize this teamwork is a value which can solve the most difficult problems with the help of some people.


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