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Does Money Bring Happiness

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Money is something that is needed for practically everything you do in life. You can't get food without money, you can't buy a car without money, and you certainly can't go to college without money. In today's society some people put more emphasis on how much money is needed and how much value is really placed on a dollar. Many tend to associate money with power while others may associate it as a "save all cure" for their problems. Even though having money has its good side, there are things that having a lot of money can't provide for you. All the money in the world doesn't equal up to love, being rich doesn't teach you life skills, and contrary to popular belief money doesn't alleviate all problems. What it all boils down to is the one statement that is in question, does money bring happiness?

We know that being very wealthy and having all the amenities of a "baller", such as fancy cars, expensive clothes, and a cushy loft in a ritzy part of town are all things that may very well attract the opposite sex. Even though these things may get you a date, it doesn't guarantee that love will be the outcome of that date. Money can't buy you those moments that two people may spend together getting to know each other and growing fond of each other. Money doesn't guarantee you that anxious feeling that you get just moments before you see the person you're "head over heels" for. If anything, the only purpose money is going to serve you is being able to cover the expensive tab for the high priced meal that your date ordered just because she felt like she was in the presence of money.

Having wealth does have the advantages of sometimes allowing certain people to attend certain schools to pursue particular degrees. But even after attending these expensive schools that parents toss money at, some of these young men and women still go out into the world not possessing certain life skills. When I say life skills I mean things like respect for others, good morals, or just plain ole courteousness: things their parents should have taught them in the first place. Maybe if mommy and daddy hadn't been so busy trying to make and spend all that wealth, they could have spent more time with little Johnny instead of pawning him off to the nanny. Now don't get me wrong, being rich doesn't mean that you're going to automatically grow up and be disrespectful to others but let's face it, we all know that money also can't buy you the proper judgment and morals needed in order to be a good citizen in life either.

"More money, more problems"; now that's a phrase that many people strongly believe to be untrue. Some people think that money takes care of all problems but personally I look at it in a different way. I don't think money takes care of all problems nor does it equal up to having more; I think



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