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Kfc Advertising

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For an established fast-food brand that has been successful over the years, I chose KFC. The marketing of KFC is designed predominantly through appealing to the senses, which is clever and definitely applicable to the brand. Although our senses are seen as a strength and it is obvious without them we would be at a severe disadvantage, KFC manipulates these senses and makes them our weakness. Primarily targeting our eyesight, KFC often advertises meals and their products that is visually aesthetic and teasing to their audience. On top of that KFC offers encouraging promotions and offers to further attract the customers as the meals are now not only looking tastier but also cheaper. When it comes to marketing KFC creates a thought in the customers mind to consider buying that meal, through looking appetizing, cheap and in many cases convenient.

The processes and production of food can be seen as identical to Mcdonalds. It offers a variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian burgers as well as desserts and other small meals. They are quick and efficient, reiterating it is a fast food restaurant. More over, it often differentiates itself from other competitors through the development of different burgers and also promotions and offers. Such promotions includes creative marketing of burgers on specific days which makes it cheaper and more "worth it".

However when KFC markets their products and tries to attract customers, it encourages harmful behaviour to our society. With the problem of Obesity being the main health issue for fast food restaurants. Although increasing consumption of products results in higher gross profit margins for the company; it can cause serious health problems. Social marketers attempt to bring this point across primarily to parents rather than children since they are stubborn and unaware of the consequences.

A cheap and alternative solution to healthy food, when consumed excessively, can consequently be fatal and social marketers have not been successful enough illustrating this. When considering binge drinking or smoking, social marketers have been coming up with creative and often emotive ideas that have identified the possible harm caused by consumption including the fatal consequences. It can be seen on vodka bottles or cigarette packs. However when buying a cheeseburger the employees do not tell us that eating too much can kill us. Therefore although difficult, social marketing has a long way to influence consumer behavior enough to overcome the need to resort to fast food restaurants such as KFC.


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