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Advertising Case

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Essay Preview: Advertising Case

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An important aspect of marketing would definitely be the advertising and promotion of that particular good/service. Institutional, product, retail/local and do it yourself advertising are are among the major type of advertising. Creating an ad campaign is a very huge task and it requires help form various groups to include accountant executives, art directors,researchers well as media planner. Advertising provides a means for marketers to get the information about their products out to customers. Advertising also bares many disadvantages to include providing misleading and deceitful information on products. It even in some cases promotes stereotype. I also learned how to identify the various types of sales position-order taker, technical specialist, missionary salesperson, new-business salesperson. These individuals do everything form persuading a sale (missionary salesperson) to the collecting of money from an actual purchase (order taker). I leaned that there is a lot more involved in advertising than what a customer actually see.Ebay is one of largest ebusinesses today. Ebay practises the online auction ebusiness model transaction are carried out in two ways; customer to custome(C2C) and business to customer (B2C).Items are sold to the largest bidder. The website gain ventures from two revenues, intial entry of participants and final sale of new and used products as small as toy to any automobile. Unlike their leading rivals seller and the buyer discusses the shipping and handling arragements thereby sparing ebay those costs. Ebay acts as the laison "middle men" between the buyer and the seller.Ebay offers an alternative to the regular storefront shopping as it provides catalogs and customers are able to to access and pay for good via the intetrnet.There are a numerous reasons why this model remains successful, there are no time limits as to how long the product can remain open for bid. This model also gives multiple customers the chance to bid ona particular product.This model is very convenient, can be set up from your home with little or no time.



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