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2 Sides Globalization

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In these days, all countries of the world insist the significance of globalization. However, the world faces the dark side of globalization, such as polarization. It is such irony that globalization causes polarization, because the pros of globalization assert it giving reasons that globalization is indeed the key of bringing mutual advantage. According to the speaker of the seminar said that free trade, fall into globalization category definitely cause polarization. Free trade involves polarization from the beginning. Free trade is international trade left to its natural course without tariffs, quotas, or other restrictions. In different perspectives, it seems that the strong dominate over the weak. The speaker gave one example, that there is one skillful man in developed country, and there is one skillful man in underdeveloped country. To make it easier, I would like to think it as boxing matches. There is one boxing player who is of sturdy build, has been playing boxing for 10 years and provided full support for the exercise. On the other side, there is one boxing player who is small build, has been playing boxing for only 1year, and not provided any support for the exercise. Since it is not formal boxing game, there is no weight division. Perhaps, if people watch this game, they would say “this game is too unfair. It is crazy”. Unfortunately, free trade is much the same as this unfair and crazy boxing game. The developed country which has got lots of high technology and skillful men produce high quality items whereas undeveloped country have to focus on industrial products that have no use for high technology. The world saw the fatal flaws of globalization. It should be complemented by the developed countries that have made unfair profits from insistence of globalization so that the world would be more peaceful and flourished each other.



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