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Global Warming Essay

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Essay Preview: Global Warming Essay

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Global warming has been growing on earth throughout industrial existence. Once humans started to care less and less about earth they became selfish and greedy. They wanted power, they would take things from the earth and they put harmful things in the atmosphere with or without knowledge. I learned all this from a book called "An Inconvenient truth" by Al Gore.

Al Gore was born in Washington D.C where his father was a U.S senate and his mother was the first women to graduate from Vanderbilt Law School. Gore's home was divided between the hotel room nation's capitol during the school year and there family farm in Tennessee. Later he graduated from Harvard and then became a journalist for the army during the Vietnam War and he was later shipped off to serve. When he came back he became a reporter for the Tennessean and later ran for U.S house in Tennessee. He ran four times and Gore was the first person to be seen on C-SPAN. Then in 1992 Gore ran with Bill Clinton as his running mate and won. During that year he made a book called "Earth in the Balance: Healing the Global Environment" and in 2006 Gore also lectured about global warming in "An Inconvenient Truth" which gave him an Academy Award-winning documentary.

This book talks about the pressing issues on global warming and how throughout the earth's years the climate has been changing and how we are taking this planet earth for granted. For example, on page 161 it reads "We've come to accept that if nature can yield something of value to the lucrative engines of commerce, then we should grab it and rip it out, never thinking twice about the wounds left behind." What Gore is basically trying to tell us is that we as humans don't think before we take things from earth. We don't think about the consequences or the danger that we might be getting ourselves into. Another point that Gore makes is that since the temperature is rising the ice is melting which is adding more water to the ocean and once the sea level rises it can destroy our land. For example it reads on page 208, "In Manhattan, the World Trade Center Memorial is intended to be, among other things, an expression of the determination of the United States never to allow such harm to befall our country again. But if sea levels rose 20 feet worldwide, the site of the World Trade Center Memorial would be underwater."

What this book is basically trying to tell us is that we should be aware of what is happening in the world and we should take care of our land and not take it for granted.



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