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3 Reasons Why I Would Invest in Apple

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Essay Preview: 3 Reasons Why I Would Invest in Apple

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Apple's has pushed up to the top 3 PC makers, and they are greatly popular with students and

teenagers. A new generation of users is growing accustomed to Apple's operating system. Apple

dominates the Mp3 player market. The domination is global, not just in the USA, but Europe,

Japan, China, Australia, South America. Apple retail stores are the best in the US: it generates

4.032 USD per square foot per year. Only a handful of stores are outside the USA. So, there's a

lot of growth space for the company: new stores are coming in Germany, France, Italy and other

wealthy countries. It's iconic CEO. Many have tried to speculate what would happen to Apple

without Steve Jobs but the truth is. Maybe the strong inertia will keep up Apple in a good

position for a while but without strong leadership, Apple will re-enter dark ages and its stocks

will probably plunge. Apple software is simply better. Look at how Vista has been greeted by

users, it's almost a joke. And the best features are "apple looking". The operating system market

is "viral": the more users run an operating system, the more likely other users will hear about it,

experience it, and choose it as a new standard. That's why Leopard is going to be a huge hit,

boosted by the "halo effect" of booming laptop and desktop sales. And slowly, Apple is going to

sneak in the corporate market. Yes, they all use Windows. And yes, a fax machine looked like

the coolest thing around just a bunch of years ago.

Apple's Balance Sheet PG3

The Iphone is being introduced and now a popular device and people in Europe are buying them

like crazy. Apple is the only phone maker in history that gets a bite of revenue from the phone

companies. That's extra cash, at no additional cost for Apple. Not to compare the iPhone with

windows but even though the iPhone is still miles away from any proper device mostly because

it's Apple's first device and they want to make sure that what they do is done properly windows



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